High on love

Hello everyone! How are you? I just wanted to check in to see how you were doing and see if anyone could use some extra support right now. I’m really enjoying this weather! All dreary and dreamy. Good to meditate in. I hope I’ve been able to help you in some way. Weather its been […]

Conscious Parenting Class

Hi! Tomorrow April 25th I’m giving a Conscious Parenting class in Corona Del Mar, Ca! I’m going to share the new science of our era! An awareness Universities are only just now discovering. I will be sharing tools that will change your lives forever! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn if you […]


Hi Everyone! I have some ways you can really help yourself and your kids evolve. There are a few events beginning this week that are in person with me and also over the phone. So everyone can connect this week! First Tonight at 7pm – Meditation and Mindfulness Class at The Community Youth Center in […]

Classes and Counseling

New classes begin next week through the city of Newport Beach on Meditation and Mindfulness, Baby & me Yoga, and Kids & Teen Mindfulness. See details here: http://www.newportbeachca.gov/government/departments/recreation-senior-services/classes Hope to see some of you in my classes. I’m really excited to be meeting and sharing with all the new people I’m meeting through the city. […]

Going LIVE

If you want to join me Friday morning 3/9/18 at 8:45am on Facebook I’m going to do a LIVE video about Happiness in your family. It should be recorded so you can watch it later from my wall too if you can’t make it LIVE with me, But I thought I’d let you know incase […]

Your Invited: Conscious Parenting workshop this Saturday

Join me this Saturday for a 2 hour workshop on Conscious Parenting. There are tools you can learn and integrate into your home to create greater flow, peace, happiness and receptivity with your kids. I’m so excited to share the science of how parenting works. I will dive into a more energetic explanation of it […]

The Happy Families Transformation Program

Hey! I’m super excited to finally announce my new program for Orange County and Los Angeles families! It’s called The Happy Families Transformation program and after years of working with parents and kids teaching group classes and giving private mindfulness counseling sessions I’ve decided to organize a little package that I believe will be the […]


Hi! Two things I have to tell you….First I hope your doing well and I miss you guys a lot and your kids too. I Love connecting with you guys in person and I have an exciting announcement that can get us together! I have new Classes through the city of Newport Beach! They start […]

Peace this year

Hi! How are you? I hope you had a wonderful New Years and Holiday! I was so grateful to get out to Mammoth and jump in some hot springs and ride the snow with my family! Nature is incredible. If you didn’t get much nature this holiday break I encourage you to take a hike, […]

Kids Nervous System Energy and Emotions: Join us

Dear Parents, We all know we have energy in our bodies, that we are in fact made of energy, we are energy beings, but has anyone every taught you how to direct that energy? Did you know thoughts are also energy? The new science of our age is here. Most adults haven’t a clue how […]