Happy Sunday everyone! I wanted to send out some healing energy to you this morning. Check in and see how everyone was doing. How are you doing?

A powerful tool in mindfulness is really just taking a moment to check in to see where you are at? To ask yourself, How am I doing? I love being there for you and asking you how are you doing but do you ask yourself too? Do you take accountability for your state of consciousness? Do you check in and observe your state of mind? Do you look to see where you are at and then take conscious control over your mind and direct it to a better more conscious place? This is a powerful form of mindfulness practice. If ¬†your able to do this it shows you understand the mind and understand how to consciously direct it. You realize you have to stop yourself when the mind starts bringing you down and making you feel bad. You are a powerful being and have the capability to overcome bad feelings. I care about you so much and I’m grateful to get to ask you as a friend how your doing, I love being there for you but are you also there for your self? Do you ask yourself and check in with yourself often throughout the day? Are you constantly redirecting your mind to creating more peace, love and joy all day long? Ultimately it is each of our own responsibility to direct our minds towards a happier state. No one is responsible for your happiness but you. Your energy either decends or it ascends which way are you directing it now? Take a deep breath with me, see how we are lifting it now? Thank you for allowing me to help lift you and send you this loving current. Breathe deep again and keep letting it flow and lift you even higher.

There is a force within us that connects all of us together. We are not separate at all or ever. We are evolving ourselves to realizing our greater potential we have to receive and share love. I’m here to help push you and open your heart to feeling not only my love for you and your family and kids but to the love that lies within you! There is a love we can tap into anytime we need. This love connects us and it also never leaves us. When parents, people and kids learn to connect to the source of love within we will all be happier. There are tools to learn how to do this. Meditation connects us. Yoga helps us. Connecting with a more conscious person who has healing loving energy helps us. Everyone resonates on different levels. But what it all boils down to is how connected to the source of LOVE are YOU? If you Connect with me and I’ll help get you more connected. The more connected you are the better you will feel and the more able you will be to help those you love. Your children, your spouse, your family and friends and coworkers all benefit from you connecting to the source within you more deeply. And eventually when we all get more connected and happy we can live in a world where theres no wars and peace prevails, everyone is awake, children are happy because parents are happy and filled with peace, love and joy.

If you need help, call me. I’ve been helping so many people lately on very deep levels. Children, adults, parents, teens and having such great success and fast too! And it’s just so much fun getting to know each of you more deeply. What a joy to bring you these teachings and share my love and light with you. Thank you.

Some of you may know me better than others but often times in my sessions I lay my hands on people to help bring healing energy into their body in yoga poses and in our meditation together. I just wanted you to know if healing is something your needing and I know we all need more healing in our lives that this is a great reason to reach out and allow me to pour that healing loving energy into you if you need. Feel free to send me an email or give me a call to allow yourself to begin receiving right away! I’d love to think of you today and give you the little extra boost of support!

With you in spirit always!

Summer classes for kids are coming and privates always available for me to come to you. But regardless if we meet in person we’re ALWAYS connected! And I’m grateful for our loving community!! Always open to ideas on new ways to get together. This summer I’ll be hosting a mindful parenting 5 class series through the City of Newport Beach. I have meditation class Monday nights, etc. check in and stay connected! I Love You! Oh and we will be holding a Kids mindfulness and Yoga Teacher Training in L.A. July 21st and 22nd.

Have a Fantastic and uplifting day! Keep your heart open!



Mindfulness Coach for kids, parents and adults.

‘Helping families be healthy and happy”