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Child Behavioral Coach in Huntington Beach, California Uses Mindfulness and Yoga to Transform Lives

Child Behavioral Coach, Huntington Beach, California
Child Behavioral Coach, Huntington Beach, California

The fact that you are here indicates you are looking for help with your child’s behavioral issues. You want to take the best care of your child, but end up hitting a roadblock, where you have no idea how to go about correcting your child’s behavior.

You find yourself having to deal with their temper, stubbornness, and on some occasions, even rude and disrespectful behavior.

You try to console them of their fears and anxieties, yet nothing seems to work.

It’s as if they are stuck in a trap, and in spite of your best efforts, you are unable to get them out of it.

All of this leads to making you even more stressed and exhausted.

First, kudos to you in taking all that effort in helping your child be at their best. Being a parent is an enormous responsibility, and we get it.

Not being able to rectify your child’s behavior is not your fault. It’s normal for parents to experience this, and the wisest thing they can do is bring in a child behavioral coach.

Someone who knows children in and out, and has mastered the skill of communicating and influencing them in a way that they get it, and then behavior change is no longer an issue.

If you are ready to get in touch with a child behavioral coach in Huntington Beach right away, simply pick up and phone and call 714-928-2520.

Mindfulness for Children with Behavioral Issues

If you’ve never heard of the word mindfulness before, here’s what it means.

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your thoughts, emotions and sensations. Without judging them, or seeing them as being good or bad.

It is an ancient practice that has become a necessity in modern life. Given the challenging times we live in, mindfulness is an effective tool to overcome several kinds of child behavioral issues. Whether it is stress, anxiety, various mental disorders like OCD, ODD, or other emotional problems like anger, and depression.

The reason mindfulness is becoming the new tool for mental and behavioral issues, is the fact that it is totally natural, effective, and has no side effects.

Those practicing mindfulness are evolving into conscious human beings, which is really the ultimate goal for all of us. And it is no different for children.

Children who practice mindfulness report being more calm and stable with their emotions, and experience a sense of joyfulness that is an effect of their own ability to lead a conscious life.

Kids Yoga - Child Behavioral Coach, Huntington Beach, CA
Kids Yoga – Child Behavioral Coach, Huntington Beach, CA

Yoga for Children with Behavioral Issues

We all know how amazing and popular yoga is. It’s hard to not run into someone who does not practice at least some kind of yoga these days.

And why not, yoga is one of the most transformative tools available to humanity today.

Whether it is to boost immunity, get in better shape, or improve mental and emotional well-being, yoga is the go to practice to get all these benefits.

Which is why it is also an excellent practice for children, who are dealing with behavioral issues.

Everything is energy. Whenever there is an imbalance in energy, it shows up as disease.

Not feeling right, feeling down or depressed, angry or sad, these are indicators that energy is out of balance.

That’s where yoga comes in. We use yoga in our private and group classes, so children can get their energies back in balance, and working in harmony.

Yoga isn’t just physical forms, although we use various postures, that is not the only focus of the practice.

We teach children how to meditate, and how to notice their thoughts and emotions. Helping them to direct their energy and regulate their emotions. We also use a lot of breath work to calm down their nervous systems.

When you work with our child behavioral coach in Huntington Beach, your child will be taught how to practice mindfulness, practice postures, and other breathing exercises, that will take care of bringing the child’s energy back in balance, in a holistic, and safe manner.

A Glimpse of Meditation for Kids by Jessi – Child Behavioral Coach in Huntington Beach, California

How amazing, isn’t it? All those children look so vibrant, so divine, chanting AUM. That’s the power of meditation, and mindfulness, coupled with yoga.

Conscious Parenting

Parents have a tremendous influence on their children. A child’s mind is just like a sponge, it goes on absorbing everything in its environment, and guess what happens, if their parents are getting angry, upset, and displaying other lower vibration moods in front of the child? You know what happens; they catch on to it.

You want your child to be at their best behavior, and it calls for you to become conscious of your own behavior.

This is where conscious parenting comes in. Just as we empower children with practices like mindfulness, meditation, and other forms of yoga, parents too are encouraged to join the sessions, as much as possible.

When the child, parent, and the coach are in it together, they make for a solid team. Which can help get results pretty quickly.

How amazing would it be for not only your child’s behavior to change, but in effect you are also encouraged and influenced to stay in a higher vibration, feeling better most of the time.

Wouldn’t that be great?

That’s exactly why our sessions educate parents on mindfulness and meditation as well.

This way, you can help the child strengthen their practice, and together win over the influence of dark and painful emotions that wreck your and your child’s life.

If you are feeling inspired already, contact a child behavioral coach in Huntington Beach by making a call or sending a text at 714-928-2520, and book your free 15 minute consultation.

Mindfulness and Yoga for Children with Anxiety Disorder

Children can have anxiety issues because of an experience of a traumatic event in their life, being exposed to a highly stressful environment, or it could result from their genes, where they have a family history of people with anxiety disorders.

In either case, when a child is dealing with anxiety, it is necessary to help them overcome the same, before it becomes a pattern and starts affecting the normal functioning of their life.

Anxiety is not a permanent disorder, and through mindfulness and meditation, one can learn to totally overcome anxiety related issues.

A child behavioral coach can help educate kids on how to relate to their thoughts and emotions.

Children can be taught how to calm down and bring their nervous system back in balance, so they can breathe easily, and not feel overwhelmed during stressful situations.

Long-term practice of self-awareness can help transform the energy body into peace, harmony and total balance. As an effect, anxiety and panic attacks will significantly reduce in frequency, as well as their intensity will become weaker with each passing day.

Total recovery from anxiety is possible, with practice and perseverance.

We base the core of our teaching on the principle of right identification. When children learn not to identify with their thoughts and emotions, they are well on their way to recovery, leading to total freedom from anxiety.

For more details, contact a children’s anxiety coach in Huntington Beach, at 714-928-2520.

About Child Behavioral Coach in Huntington Beach, CA

Jessi Moon - Child Behavioral Coach, Huntington Beach, OC
Jessi Moon – Child Behavioral Coach, Huntington Beach, OC

Jessi is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, who has over 10 years’ experience as a Child Behavioral Coach, in Huntington Beach, California. She has been working with children, and conducting programs at schools, and with kids privately, all over Orange County, CA.

She is a proud parent of a 16-year-old son, whom she truly adores.  Jessi has been associated with the Self-Awareness Institute for over 20 years, where she has been practicing mindfulness, and meditation extensively.

She is here to serve you to the best of her ability, to help you succeed as a parent, and help your child make the necessary behavioral changes. Jessi has seen children’s behavior transform quickly, and there is no reason she can’t help your child as well.

If you are ready to get help for your child’s behavioral issues, call Jessi right now!

Call for a Free 15 minute Consultation at: 714-928-2520


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