High on love

Hello everyone! How are you? I just wanted to check in to see how you were doing and see if anyone could use some extra support right now. I’m really enjoying this weather! All dreary and dreamy. Good to meditate in.

I hope I’ve been able to help you in some way. Weather its been learning to meditate and find inner bliss, or approach parenting in a lighter happier way, or just being a friend or through counseling sessions. I really Love each of you very much and am grateful for you allowing me to help you. I’m grateful for the peace and bliss I’m able to tune into everyday and I know life can be hard without these mindfulness tools. When I don’t practice them I FEEL it! Just an hour ago I started getting anxiety, so I meditated for 15 minutes even though my mind was telling me I had to do a million things. And during that meditation I was so grateful to gain the perspective I did and generate more love energy instead of allowing myself to spin out and hyperventilate! lol Can you relate? I got the tasks done with grace instead.

I have to practice what I preach just as much as any human. And the more I do the better I feel. There is a presence guiding us, I call it Love. The more connected we are with it, the better we feel and the clearer we become. Everything is fine right now as it is. Nothing needs to be any different than what it is right now. Lets together accept what is. How you feel right now, Whats happening in your life and others, the world, and realize it’s perfect. What we need to see is being presented before our eyes in our lives. What you need in your life is here. The more we resist what is, the more pain we feel. Accept what is and move forward from there. Blame no one and see it all happening for your highest growth. What do you have to learn form this? I’ve learned more about myself in the most difficult times in my life. Life becomes difficult when were not present to what is and we resist and try to force what we want, instead of accepting it and approaching it with grace and love and compassion and curiosity. It’s important we self reflect and meditate. Theres a divine play and isn’t it just spectacular?!

If I can help you gain some tools for yourself and your kids resiliency please let me know. I adore you. Or just email me how you are. I love to hear form you! I do! Have a good rest of your day! Big Hugs and deep breaths and smiles.