My new Space!!

Hi!! I recently turned one of the rooms in my home into my office space!! For seeing clients in my home for private mindfulness, meditation and yoga therapy! I work with a lot of Kids and Teenagers but also do healing transformational work on adults and parent coaching too. The space is large enough for small groups too! So family mindfulness therapy is great or couples mindfulness therapy. I just wanted you all to know I now have my own space to see you and your children in so please come over soon! I’ve reduced my private rate since I will see you or your child in my home and thats easier for me too! I still come to homes but this is going to allow me to see more people. I would appreciate it if you could help me spread the word too so I can help more people who might be suffering and needing these skills. I really appreciate you telling others about my work and how helpful it can be.

Let me share with you a few examples of working with me I’ve had recently so you are clear on what is possible for you and your friends.

I’ve been working with a teenage girl who put a lot of pressure on herself to do so well and was experiencing debilitating anxiety. After working with her now for 3 months she is absolutely wonderful and conscious that she in in control of how she thinks and feels. And is now helping all her friends at school who experience anxiety before their performances (she goes to Osha a school of art performance) on how to meditate and have good energy so when they perform happiness exudes and their performance is so much more fun instead of frightening to where they cant function then hate themselves for failing. I hope to get into this school to give training to all the children. 🙂 I’m really proud of her, she is on the path of brilliance now!

Another example: A young boy I am seeing often is experiencing a lot of anger and outbursts. When I work with him I get him to breathe and release all his physical stress and let me tell you he is SO open to letting go. Children do NOT want to be stressed out, they just need someone to guide them on how to release it! So we do hands on healing, yoga poses and LOTS of deep breathing for him and then he is able to talk about things after that. We are working on healing his stressed out nervous system and he loves it and is having great shifts.

I have many children and adults who just feel bad about themselves come to me for help and I teach them life coping skills for feeling blissful. Meditation is powerful when you know how to really do it and use it. The mind needs to be directed, our children need to learn, we need to learn and we all could use more healing and love 🙂 So here I am and I look forward to connecting with more of you soon. Call me to set up an appointment! (714)928-2520 for a small group or for an individual.

Lastly a new Kids group class begins tomorrow July 2nd at The Yoga Center from 4-5pm for ages 6-11. It is a 6 week series. So if that works join us! Also The Kids mindfulness and Yoga Teacher Training is July 21st and 22nd in Redondo Beach. More info here:

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and I cant wait to connect again soon with you.

Smiles and Love,

Jessi Moon

Mindfulness and meditation coach for children and adults

“Helping families be healthy and happy”

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