Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting Workshops!

Happy Wednesday!! This weekend I have a Mindful Parenting workshop in Corona Del Mar 9/15 from 11-1pm at The Community Youth Center. Link To Sign Up and I’ll have another Conscious Parenting Workshop at the new Ra Yoga in Long beach … Read More


I believe we can shift the consciousness of the planet in one generation. The concept of raising consciousness is still new in our society. We are the first to be bringing this forward in our homes and schools. Reflecting on … Read More

Big Emotions

Hey parents, one of the most common issues parents have with kids is their strong emotions. So I thought I’d write something and give a few tools you can begin using to help relinquish big outbursts and big unhappy emotions. … Read More

What is Conscious Parenting?

Conscious Parenting means Parenting with Grace and Ease. It means being more aware of what is really going on as apposed to what may be projected in the mind as happening. See the difference? Your in a higher awareness with the ability … Read More

Bliss for Mommies!

Mommies. I want to give you Bliss. You have an innate capacity to tune into a current of energy. And Mommie? Wouldn’t that just be spectacular? To be able to tune into a current of energy that fills you up … Read More