About Jessi

Jessi Moon – Mindfulness Coach, Meditation & Yoga Instructor

Hi! My name is Jessi and I am a senior teacher at The Self Awareness Institute trained by a master in the lineage of the Siddhas. I have numerous certifications in spiritual training at The Self Awareness Institute. I’ve been trained by a real living master guru in yoga, kriya, kundalini meditation and mindfulness counseling and coaching. I help people connect with the innate intelligence within them and empower them to be blissful happy beings. Children gravitate towards my playful healing energy and learn fast. I teach mindfulness skills to all ages and help parents heal themselves and their children from severe ailments mentally, physically and emotionally. 

I am inspired by the ocean and surfing and lead Meditation and surfing retreats worldwide. I keep my frequency high by my daily meditations and my connection to nature and my teacher. 

I help parents, children and adults through group classes and private classes online and in Orange County, CA.

When you work with me you can expect to look at the issues causing you problems and learn how to shift your consciousness. I will show you how to establish yourself in a higher vibration and more conscious mindset. Everyone enjoys learning because it makes everyone feel better. We are not raised with this awareness and these skills in our culture. But just because Self Awareness training is not taught to us in Elementary School and we may grow up with problems due to the fact does not mean you can’t learn these skills to drastically improve the quality and happiness levels in your life now!

Life can be blissful, and much more enjoyable. There is a way and it 100% works every time.

When you work with me do not expect a quick fix like going to a doctor and taking a pill. You need to dedicate some time to allowing your mind to process and release the negative patterns, your body needs time to align to a higher frequency and your mind needs a constant reminder to stay conscious. So seeing me weekly for a period of time is essential for you to gain the total transformation you want. I recommends 3 months working together to be able to see the drastic results you desire. It’s 100% possible to get to exactly where you want to be in your mind, body, relationships and heart. I cannot wait to share more with you and help you and your kids get empowered!  

What People Say About My Work

Maritza – Mother, Irvine, CA

My daughter had some kind of depression at age 9, she was tired of listening to me trying to help her, telling her what to feel and what to do, so I reach for professional help, what ever my insurance could cover. It didn’t work because she was treated more like an adult, my daughter was still feeling sad. I found Jessi and realize how much she cared about kids and their well being, and how sweet and much love she reflects, So I ask her to help me with my daughter. The knowledge she has as a therapist plus her natural talent of helping people and bliss, undoubtedly helped my daughter. Jessi humbly reached her level and was able to communicate all the love, and understanding about the world and games of life, in a very creative way taking her in to nature and talking under a beautiful willow tree, my daughter really enjoys it! Jessi is definitely a blessing in our lives.

Dr. Allyson Berkey M.D.

This was a powerful seminar – packed with important and new information on how the mind works, how to improve health of mind & body, and techniques to harness joy & personal improvement. Addressing stress management, anxiety/worry, emotional awareness & stabilization, parenting, thought patterns, and nutrition, Steven and Jessie teach amazing meditation, mindfulness and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques to increase awareness, consciousness, and physical & spiritual vibration. These techniques can be applied to your own life or to your children, patients or students. The instruction included activities and the teachers’ personal experiences and wisdoms to guide you to a depth of understanding only achieved in this personalized and intensive setting. 

I highly recommend this program as an MD and as a mom – for healthcare practitioners, for parents, and for teachers & educators. 

With gratitude and OM love

Amy MacConnell – Founder of Club Kids Yoga Programs, CA

Jessi is a beacon of light and spreads love wherever she goes. When you are in her presence you feel peace and love. She is an excellent teacher and a wonderful meditation coach. She has been a tremendous inspiration to me and my daughter!

Elon – Sleep Therapist, CA

Thank you for the meditation session this evening. I’m still on cloud 9. Life is so amazingly wonderful when I have teachers like yourself and opportunities around me that help to feed my soul.