The Happy Families Transformation Program

Hey! I’m super excited to finally announce my new program for Orange County and Los Angeles families! It’s called The Happy Families Transformation program and after years of working with parents and kids teaching group classes and giving private mindfulness counseling sessions I’ve decided to organize a little package that I believe will be the win to getting into the heart of the transformation your wanting within yourself and in your kids!!


So as you know I help kids and parents transform their anxieties, negative thinking, energy and just whatever muck there may be. I go in a dig it out and we fill the holes with love, breath, and self awareness and we’ve had a lot of success with a lot of families! I’ll give one quick example of one family I’m working with, I see this little girl every other week and her mother says since Ive been coming which is not that long maybe 2 or 3 months now that her little girl no longer has anxiety and feels confident in herself and doesn’t have the emotional outbursts like she used to that made her feel insecure and uncomfortable! I will have to get this mom talking about it on video to share with you but there are many more stories I could tell you and I will in person at Ekam Yoga in Newport Beach March 3rd for a Conscious Parenting Workshop 1-3pm!  So mark that in and please tell friends! I’m going to cover the tools to Conscious Parenting and give examples and answer your questions too! Bring your partners because it will help your family so much!! Waldorf Inspired day care will be provided also!! I’ll talk more about my new program there too but feel free to call me to tell you the details early if you want! No reason to wait if you and your kids are needing help now.

Sending so much love and hope to see some of you March 3rd at Ekam on PCH and if you are needing a transformation please give me a call and tell me what your going through! (714)928-2520 And here is the Link to Sign up for workshop

Peace, Love and well wishes for our children’s highest, happiness,well being, mental health and success in life!!!



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