Online Private and Group mindfulness Classes

I’m so happy you’re here!

“Jessi I just want you to know how valuable you are to me, on the week I don’t see you I can tell a big difference in my level of energy, when you come my week is blissful, I’m able to sustain the energy we raise to during our session. I’m now able to meditate on my own and get to that place of bliss and it shifts my mood in moments, this work is truly changing my life. Thank you.”

– Kathy Lavardi

Let’s work together to make your life a joyful experience for you

Would you like a life that is filled with more happiness, peace and relaxation? A life where you know how to overcome every obstacle along the way? Yes, such a life is possible, and I’d love to support you in making it a reality.

Below are two of my services that I am offering to support you on your journey of being a conscious parent.

Stress-Free Parenting

Want to relieve all that anxiety and get empowered? Then this is the package for you. Not only will I hear you out, I will also provide the tools so you can start feeling better almost immediately and gain greater awareness on how you can help your child too.

This is 3 session pack, each session is of 60 minutes, where you get my total attention and guidance.

Package cost $297

Mindful Moms Class

Once a week meet online for a Mindfulness class that will include a discussion, a guided meditation, and a mindfulness skill for you to start your week off on the right foot!

Having a place you can go to reset your mind and gain the emotional support you need to continue on your personal growth journey makes your life so much easier to ensure you stay on your path.

When you are in a state of emotional well-being, and have abundant energy, it becomes so much easier to have the mental clarity you need, to tackle any situation with ease. You have it in you to be the kind of mother, who can help her child grow up to be a beautiful enlightened human being.

If being successful as a mother is what you’re looking for, then I highly encourage you to consider the Mindful mom’s class.

This is a high commitment program, where we will connect each week.

This is a $50 per month, recurring subscription. Cancel any time.

“We have been beyond thrilled with Eli’s participation in your class- you create such a sacred place for them.
The skills that have learned are invaluable and have helped Eli tremendously with his anxiety at school and in general.
Such important life skills!”

Mimi Limbeck Gonzales