Affordable Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica – Experience Nature at Its Best, And Connect With Your Inner Wisdom

Affordable Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

If you’re looking for an affordable yoga retreat in Costa Rica that is both fun and enriching at the same time, you’re at the right place!

Let me ask you something.

When was the last time you meditated in thundering rain, went horseback riding in a scenic location, did yoga facing the ocean, and swam and surfed in 83 degree water?

The point of this retreat is to help you connect with nature, and meditate in nature. More like a fusion of inner and outer exploration.

Both of which are mutually beneficial, and can aid our growth and transformation.

Jessi Moon - Instructor, Affordable Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

I’m Jessi Moon — Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Instructor

And I’d like to be your host and guide at the yoga retreat In Costa Rica, where together we can go on a journey, that allows us to connect with the deeper dimensions of who we are, and take that presence out into nature, to have a truly marvelous experience.

Having been an avid meditator, who has been meditating for several years, I’ve realized that the journey of spiritual growth should be built on the foundation of non-serious, yet conscious exploration.

Which is why, I want you to leave all that you know about yoga, and spirituality aside, and just come and join me, with an open mind, so we can all become like children again, and be open to whatever new learning this yoga retreat has to offer.

I am sure that with that attitude, you will be able to get the best out of the retreat, and feel a sense of healing and blissfulness.

I look forward to seeing you at the yoga retreat in Costa Rica!

If you have any questions, call at 714-928-2520 or email

Testimonials from the Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

The trip was definitely amazing! Thanks so much for the yoga and meditation classes, Jessi. You’re a wonderful teacher and your spirit is so vibrant. I’ve carried many parts of the trip home with me like daily yoga stretches and occasional meditation. Thank you to the rest of the group for the great positive energy and I hope to see everyone again soon 🙂


The retreat was a lot of fun. We had daily yoga sessions which Jessie tailored in a way that everyone could participate. We learned meditation every evening. We even had healing circles. We explored the area by making trips to various waterfalls, horseback riding, a trip on a boat where we got to see mama and a baby whale. We got to see a turtle very close to our boat. We saw several species of monkeys. We were fed three meals per day that were delicious.


Affordable Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

To say that the last retreat in Costa Rica was fun, would be an understatement, it was divine.

We did meditations in pouring rain, horseback riding with the most scenic views, waterfall hikes, and gentle yoga classes facing the ocean.

This time around, it is set to be even better.

We’ll go hiking, boating, surfing, and do meditation and yoga together.

We will take a boat out with a water slide to snorkel pristine waters with whales and dolphins. The water is going to be crystal clear with the dry season around. The wave is a right point break which is an incredible advanced long wave and also a perfect learning wave on the inside! So it’s perfect for everyone.

Must Watch for Surfing Lovers

Not to mention, totally enjoy amazing meals 3x per day and always with desert! Vegan and gluten free options available.

Below are the activities that will take place throughout your stay at the affordable yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

Morning Yoga Class

We will have a gentle stress reducing invigorating yoga class in the late mornings, before that if you want, you can go for a swim or surf very early and watch the sunrise in front of your eyes over the mountains and ocean. Some of us like to surf early, or you can sleep in too! Up to you!

Lunch & Fun Activities

We will have lunch and enjoy one of our activities, horseback riding, boating to snorkel with dolphins and whales and zillions of colorful fish, surf or just swim, or waterfall hiking! It’s so magical here our activities together are memories you’ll cherish forever.

Evening Meditation, Healing Circles, And Dinner

In the evenings we will meditate and I will show you an ancient lineage of meditation which brings you a deep peace and even blissfulness to your whole being. We also will share hands on healing circles which I will guide and maybe even enjoy some dancing one night.

I want you to have a deep rich spiritual experience with yourself and also we will share that inner joy when we connect with one another at our meals together and on our adventures too. I can’t wait to show you this jungle yoga shala we get to have our transformations in.

A view of the resort where we will be staying

You will definitely want to come back again and again and join me here for more! I am so excited to welcome you to my Jungle healing transformative retreat! I cannot wait to welcome you with a big hug and see you there!

Cost of 7 Day Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

The yoga retreat in Costa Rica is designed with one thing in mind, affordability. But without compromising on quality, and providing a richer experience.

What you are getting here is a luxurious accommodation, at a great price. With an experienced yoga teacher who has been an instructor with the Self Awareness Institute for over 10 years.

Yet, it’s not going to cost you $5000

It’s not even going to cost you $3000

The Early Bird Pricing For This Offer is $2200

Payment options:

Check: You can send in a check for $2200.

Online: PayPal – If you prefer to pay online you can click the PayPal button where you will be charged $2200.

I am hosting two yoga retreats, so you can join any one of them or both!

Retreat Date:

April 29 – May 6th, 2023

Price includes 7 days of accomodation and meals.

*Flight fare and transportation not included.

So what are you waiting for?

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Once you’ve made the payment, please send an email to so I can confirm your reservation.

Should you have any queries, contact 714-928-2520 or email