Summer Mindfulness

Hi! Ok so here it is! I’ll keep it short and sweet! The Summer Schedule is this: Lots of exciting offerings happening!

Meditation adult classes begin this monday night, Teen mindfulness and Kids mindfulness classes begin soon plus a free conscious parenting informational class and a mindful parenting class series all are happening this summer. Oh and a teacher training!

Monday June 25th- Meditation and Mindfulness 5 week class begins for adults in Corona Del Mar, Ca at The Community Youth Center 3000 5th ave. You can sign up in person or online

Monday July 2nd- Kids mindfulness and Yoga 6 week class begins ages 6-11 at The Yoga Center 445 17th st. Costa Mesa Ca. Sign up in person. $190

Tuesday June 26th- Teen Mindfulness 5 week class at The Community Youth Center. Sign up ASAP or class is closing!

Thursday June 26th- Free Conscious Parenting Informational Class at Magnolia Wellness Sign up here:

Tuesday July 31st- Mindful Parenting 5 week class at The Community Youth Center on Corona Del Mar, Ca Sign up here:

July 21-22nd- KIDS YOGA AND MINDFULNESS TEACHER TRAINING!! In Redondo Beach, Ca My partner Amy and I just did a live video that is posted on my Facebook wall now if you want to hear us talk about it. Details and sign up at

If you have any problems with the links please call The Community Youth Center (949)718-1862 for registration at this facility.

I Hope you all have a fantastic Summer and COME SEE ME! If you could also please help me spread the word about all the classes and offerings I would really appreciate it!! I need help in this area and having you guys talk to other parents about my work with children helps me reach more kids to heal, parents too. Hope to see you at the Free Conscious Parenting event this Tuesday, or the mindful parenting class series later this summer, or our Teacher Training in late July! I Love coming to see each of you privately if you need some deeper support too. You guys know this is powerful work, and you know to call me when you need me ya? I hope so!! I Love you so much! Your kids deserve to be happy, positive and understand themselves on a deeper level. They deserve to have tools to keep themselves stress free and happy. Grateful to be their mindfulness teacher. And yours. I appreciate you and your trust in my sincerity and ability to help you shift on the deepest most transformational level. Cant wait to share more of this with you and in schools and your homes!!!!!! Last thing. I have mindfulness program for schools as you may already know. Now is a good time to have me come talk to your principal if you want to bring these tools into your child’s school. I currently teach in Pegasus private School and will be bringing this into Sowers Middle school next year and possibly Davis Magnet School and Newport Elementary too! Lets enlighten our schools! I just need you to help connect me with your principals! I want to share this awareness far and wide.


Have a beautiful blessed day. Happy Summer Solstice!


Jessi Moon

Mindfulness teacher for Kids and Adults

“Helping Families be healthy and Happy”