Mindfulness, Meditation, & Yoga for Children and Families

*Improve behaviors, increase happiness, reduce anxiety and stress! 

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 “I have so much gratitude for Jessi and what she has done for my family. She has been working with my very emotional 10 year old and has helped him gain confidence, resilience and tools that I believe will serve him so well into his adolescence. She has done joint sessions with him and his 12 year old sister and it has been a huge improvement in their relationship. Jessi is very skilled, kind and truly phenomal at the work she does. Cannot thank or reccomend her enough.”- Danielle

Work with me Privately for best results: (714)928-2520 Call or Text to set up a 15 minute phone consultation.

Group Classes: See Jessi’s group mindfulness, meditation and yoga classes at this link- city of Newport Beach

Links for individual classes: Mindful Parenting, Kids and Teen MindfulnessMeditation and Mindfulness for Adults, Baby & Me Yoga, and Yoga level 1

  When a child has many emotional upsets like anger, sadness, depression, anxiety and other unwanted feelings we know now there are practices we can develop that work to help gain clarity and peace and are even proven to work to physically change the brain and calm the nervous system.

The mind and emotions can be consciously directed. Children can learn to take responsibility for their mind and emotions and learn how to direct them better so they can enjoy being happier more often and angry or upset less often. These tools allow us to focus on the things that we want to create in our lives instead of feeling stuck in an emotion or having racing thoughts inhibiting us from seeing clearly. In the sessions you and your child or teen learn how to balance your energy, clear your mind, direct your emotions, and gain clarity, insight and inspiration. We develop skills to become more joyful, focused and successful and even learn how to increase our energy!

Adults, Children and Teens are able to shift when they gain these tools. This is an ancient practice but it is now also the science of the 21st century; human beings learning how to direct and control their energy and mind and evolve into more successful, fulfilled, happy beings. Plus its fun and exciting gaining this knowledge! Not to mention empowering!!

Even in severe cases these practices work, for example; suicidal thinking, severe anxiety, anger, distress and trauma. Self Awareness is the the KEY to a conscious happier life.

Jessi is an intensely trained senior teacher from The Self Awareness Institute. Being with Jessi and in her presence is healing, especially for children. Most times they don’t want her to leave! We make such huge shifts in such short amounts of time.  Jessi has developed her intuitive sence and is trained to be present to see what’s going on. She can help her clients on a deeper level to grow the awareness they need to achieve their goals and establish happiness. Kids especially LOVE the playful healing presence Jessi brings. She is an incredible resource for parents and teachers who need support and help. She even gives lectures and puts programs in schools to support entire schools in learning mindfulness skills and would be happy to come to your school too no charge.

Please text or call Jessi directly to set up a free phone consultation to see if she can help you or your child gain confidence, peace, clarity, direction and healing. The tools work and will increase happiness, health, joy, self awareness, focus, compassion and productivity.

Cell: (714)928-2520 email:  Jessilovesyoga@yahoo.com

*We can heal anything. Believe in the highest vision for yourself and your family!

“Hi Jessi, Thank you for such a fun session. Preston really loves you. <3 You are such a blessing to Preston and me. Thank you so much for everything.” – Carin Preston’s grandma

“Thank you, Jessi! We have seen a marked improvement on Sonny’s behavior and self confidence.”- Danielle

Would you and your children like to gain tools to evolve yourselves to a higher degree of Peace, Awareness, Love, and Happiness? Could there be more Love and flow within you and between you? My name is Jessi, I’m a senior mindfulness teacher from the Self Awareness Institute. I’ve been trained over 20 years with a master. I teach tools to alleviate stress, anxiety, but not just that, I teach you how to find true happiness within you and how to gain clarity and direction in your life. Parents, Teachers, Children, Teens and Young Adults learn to live in a more conscious and happy body and mind. We also conduct mindfulness teacher trainings for others to learn our work and to share with the kids they choose to work with. Find out when our next training is HERE. The tools teach us to control the mind and emotions and allow us to enter into our full potential.

I have group classes and private clients in LA and Orange County. I live in Orange County so most my clients are in O.C. My services help with anxiety, depression, anger, Adhd, OCD and other negative behaviors and feelings including helping children with Autism.

These tools are EMPOWERING. Imagine you and your kids happy and confident equipped with mindfulness tools always knowing a way to direct your mind and find peace plus be able to find the clarity you need and be able to focus! The shifts really are profound.

Please call me if your child is experiencing anxiety or any other negative emotions ASAP or for yourself for that matter! You can also bring a program into your entire school! See The Triad Mindfulness Program Tab above to see my school program. The Happy Family Transformation program (tab above) is a 3 month program for the children I see privately or I have a Mindfulness and Yoga group service for kids and teens to learn in a group with their friends.

This work helps children access their higher self and be able to focus better in school, improve grades and feel better about themselves. I give seminars and classes to many schools around O.C. and Im happy to come to your school or group to talk to anyone about this also for free.

You are energy and mindfulness practices help you learn how to direct that energy. Thoughts are energy, emotions are energy everything is energy. Do you know how to direct that energy? There are tools to help you gain control. Peace and flow is our natural state, especially for kids, this is why a shift in a child using these techniques can happen very quickly!

Imagine having tools to balance you and your kids mental, emotional and energetic state! I really look forward to connecting with you personally! Teens especially love to meditate and love to learn a healthy way of getting “high” too without drugs or other negative outlets! I work with children who have drug problems too and teach them an alternative to releasing their stress and they love it.

This is a new era and meditating is considered cool, way cooler than harmful vaping or pot to get “high”. Teens get a natural high on their own life force energy by learning how to tune into it. This is the cutting edge science of our time, I teach in a very scientific way so everyone can understand how we can release stress, lower brain wave frequencies, get empowered, happy and live peacefully. This is powerful stuff and will give you and your kids an extra edge in life. Your kids will be leaders for all their friends too. The shift you seek is possible and not only possible, it will be easy, effortless and enjoyable! I look forward to speaking with you! Call or Text me to schedule a free phone consultation.

With Love,



“Our family has a 2 hour session every Saturday with Jessi. It started off as a 1 hour session for my son, then moved to a 2 hour session so our whole family could get in on the yoga and meditation, and my son can still have his alone mindful session. I myself am a Christian, endurance athlete, and health nut. I am constantly teaching my son the best outlets, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are a God centered family, but as anyone reading this review may know children often respond better to having an outside the related family teacher or coach. Jessi has this approach that only experience, passion, and love for teaching children is possible. My son looks forward to and loves his mindful sessions. I also benefit personally from the coached yoga and meditation. Her and my personal conversations also has given me insight and sometimes a different approach I can take to parenting. I have an unlimited amount of great things to say about Jessi, and highly recommend her to any family or anyone who is looking for an experienced yoga and spiritual coach. Thank you for who you are Jessi!”- James

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