mindfulness, Meditation, & Yoga for children and adults

Improve behaviors, increase happiness, reduce anxiety and stress!

 “I have so much gratitude for Jessi and what she has done for my family. She has been working with my very emotional 10 year old and has helped him gain confidence, resilience and tools that I believe will serve him so well into his adolescence. She has done joint sessions with him and his 12 year old sister and it has been a huge improvement in their relationship. Jessi is very skilled, kind and truly phenomenal at the work she does. Cannot thank or recommend her enough.”


in person & online Classes

In Person Sessions available in Orange County

Emotional upsets like anger, sadness, depression, anxiety and other unwanted feelings are signs of a lack of understanding and awareness. There are practices we can develop that work to help gain clarity and peace and are even proven to work to physically change the brain and calm the nervous system.

The mind and emotions can be consciously directed. Children and Adults can learn to direct their mind and emotions so they can enjoy being happier more often and angry or upset less often. These tools allow us to focus on the things that we want to create in our lives instead of feeling stuck in an emotion or having racing thoughts inhibiting us from seeing clearly. In the sessions you and/or your child or teen learn how to balance your energy, clear your mind, direct your emotions, and gain clarity, insight and inspiration. We develop skills to become more joyful, focused and successful and even learn how to increase our energy!

Online Classes enabling you to learn meditation and mindfulness remotely

Jessi teaches in a way so everyone can understand how we can release stress, lower brain wave frequencies, get empowered, happy and live peaceful purposeful lives. This is powerful stuff and will give you and your kids an extra edge in life. The shift you seek is possible and not only possible, it will be easy, effortless and enjoyable! Group and private online sessions available.


In June 2024, join me for a Transformative Experience in Costa Rica, a Paradise for Surfing, and those looking to reconnect with Nature and blossom into their Fullest Being Through Mindfulness

Reserve your seats now! To confirm your booking or enquiries call 714-928-2520 or email – jessilovesyoga@yahoo.com

 Jessi Moon-Conder, the day I met you and you first showed me how to meditate, I had no clue how or what to do, but it has changed my life and I am forever grateful for being guided to you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH  I am a better mama now because of it. Christian now has skills and tools that I wish I had at his age..”

-Rachel Clegg