Happy New Year! What is your new years resolution?! May I invite you to think about cultivating a meditation practice? do you want to be happier this year? Do you want to realize who you are? Live in the Bliss? I’ll share with you my story about how I came to be who I am […]

The Enlightened Children’s Rainbow Gathering

January 16th at 11am please bring me your children! I miss them so much, especially after The Center for Living peace has been closed. I’ve been going to some families homes for private counseling and meditations but I truly miss so many of your children and our group classes. My guru Steven Sadleir will be […]

Seminar on Conscious Parenting w/ Jessi TODAY!!

Hi! Come learn some tips today! I am holding a Seminar on Conscious Parenting! I’ll be giving you tools and tips for learning how to raise your level of consciousness and happiness and also how to deal with your children in a more conscious way, which will ultimately lead to happier, more loving successful children. […]

The Energy of Parenting

There is the same pattern I witness far too often in parents. I teach Kids Yoga so I’m around children and their parents a lot. I kind of act as a healer/ energy shifter/ yoga teacher in my classes. Right now I have a small boy and his mother attending my classes and learning to […]

The Yoga of Conscious Parenting Courses!

How to Connect with your kids better and provide them the support they need to ensure they flourish in life?…..When you learn tools to keep your energy as high and flowing as possible, you are more able to help your child release their own negativity. Everything is energy and your either aware of what energy […]