Bliss for Mommies!

Mommies. I want to give you Bliss. You have an innate capacity to tune into a current of energy. And Mommie? Wouldn’t that just be spectacular? To be able to tune into a current of energy that fills you up with so much Love in your head you just want to kiss and squeeze and laugh and play with your kids after a long day of working your ass off? This is what a simple meditation can do for you.

My spirit will not be satisfied till you live in Bliss with me mommies. And not only because I want you to be empowered, happy, successful, a good mother, but Because YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE TO be with you when your FEELING GOOD. Not when your stressed out of your mind. That fucking sucks for them.

You need to learn shaktipat meditation. Everyone does, but Mommies I’m here for you, I think your the most important people on the planet. You raise children and children grow into adults and our world is full of suffering and pain and we need people in our world that have a strong energy vibration and are FULL OF LOVE AND LIGHT! May you Enlighten with me and help me change the world.

Love you so much,
Thank You for taking the time to read and care about your children, their well being and your own BLISS!!!

Download my guided meditation if you haven’t already. Call me if you want further guidance, let me know how I can help you get this. Talking over the phone is a great way for me to council you if you live far from me. You can reply to this email when your ready to work with me one on one to get this!!!! Oh and I’ve gotten the best testimonials lately “Jessi I just want you to know how valuable you are to me, on the week I don’t see you I can tell a big difference in my level of energy, when you come my week is blissful, I’m able to sustain the energy we raise to during our session. I’m now able to meditate on my own and get to that place of bliss and it shifts my mood in moments, this work is truely changing my life. thank you”-Mommie client

LOVE YOU! Here I am with my Guru over the weekend, If your local we are having a gathering at The Newport Coast Community Center this Saturday Feb. 13th at 12:30pm and will talk a little about Conscious Parenting too! by donation, and if you can’t get a sitter children are welcome.

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