What is Conscious Parenting?

Conscious Parenting means Parenting with Grace and Ease. It means being more aware of what is really going on as apposed to what may be projected in the mind as happening. See the difference? Your in a higher awareness with the ability to see ourself and our children CLEARLY without distortion of our minds unconscious filters clouding reality. It also means helping our children to understand things instead of punishing them or making them feel bad for not understanding things. It’s realizing our children are learning, growing and evolving and then taking our place as their parents to help them reach their full potential. All the while conscious of our unconsciousness and making sure to subdue the unconscious tendencies we have gained from our unconscious society, like the harsh remarks and egotistical need to be in charge. Theres a big shift in parenting today. It’s time to wake up and let our children thrive. Take conscious control over our behaviors as parents and parent from a place of TRUE LOVE. Not manipulation, fear, shame and disappointment tactics. To Be Objective and see things new in each moment without reacting is the first step to gaining consciousness.

There are fun tools to practice daily to help you become a conscious parent. And WHEN you master these tools you have a system for raising and sustaining a higher consciousness anytime you choose which thus enables you to raise your children in that aware state which reflects as COMPASSION and LOVE. Your able to deal with their problems in a manner that brings about more clarity and peace for them, so as a conscious parent your helping your children grow their own consciousness! It’s all about helping each other and listening to one another. But the reason this is not so easy is because of Stress and lack of proper care of oneself on a deeper level.

We often parent like we are robots, reacting and yelling, or even hitting because we’re tired and in a low state of consciousness. It is because we are stressed. The Conscious Parenting tools REDUCE STRESS profoundly. Imagine tools that just lift your load. All your worries and problems, poof, gone. Then what is left for you? Nothing! It’s in this nothingness or emptiness we begin to find the inherent peace. When theres nothing to worry about, you can be present with your kids and enjoy them like they are meant to be enjoyed. You can always pick up your problems later but you need to learn how to give your children your pure presence, your pure essence and leave the baggage behind. When you practice clearing your head everyday and putting on your bliss energy no matter whats going on outside of you, you change your entire life and family dynamic. If you don’t have this fundamental skill of raising your consciousness you could be living your life in misery unnecissarily!

There is nothing more powerful to help support you and your kids happiness and success than learning these conscious parenting tools. Our children are reflections of US. How Connected are you to your TRUE ESSENCE? Your inner happiness and peace? This is the place to start. Within YOU. Then you will begin to see your children shift when you shift and be able to shift your children with greater ease when you know how to shift yourself with greater ease.

This is what my Conscious Parenting Tools will help you establish. YOU. YOU BEING YOU. Not you being how your parents parented, or what your society expects of you. YOU coming back into your true essence of HAPPINESS and even learning how to enter into BLISSFUL states. Learning to abide in this Heaven HERE NOW.

We’re in Heaven. Do you feel it? Do your kids feel it? Or are you living in Hell? Weather we are aware of Heaven or we create our own Hell, it’s our choice either way. Choose to be in Heaven, choose to smile more, Choose to Enlighten and realize your potential so your children have a parent they can look up to and not have to run away from. Enlighten yourself and your children will start listening to you. When your full of light and love, your attractive, people want to be around you and listen to you, especially your kids! When your full of confusion and in the hell of your own mental projections no body wants to be near you or listen to you, ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILDREN. Our children are our teachers, they will point out and sometimes in the cruelest of ways what we need to let go of. Every single unconscious pattern they will poke at like a button till you let it go and come back into your Self. And if you resist letting go your kids will inflict a rage in you, and you’ll think it’s them, when it’s really your resistance to their call for help. They’re trying to help you. All of life is trying to help you. They want you so badly to be happy and strong and feel good, feel blissfully good! They get so upset and feel so lost when your not there strong in yourself and present with them. Our children need us to wake up and be present to the love here right now. RIGHT NOW. AWAKEN PARENTS, and you will have no more problems with your parenting and with your children. NONE!

Grow your consciousness, grow your light, grow your love everyday, and watch all your worries go away. Stuff will always come up but there not problems like problems used to be anymore, they’re more like fun learning opportunities, opportunities to teach your kids lessons to create a solid foundation for their future lives.

Enjoy your kids beginning now, and don’t let your mind take you into it’s hell. Be present to what is real. Be present to the LOVE you are. And share that Love with your children everyday. Practice your tools for raising your consciousness and watch your problems melt away. Becoming conscious doesn’t happen with intention alone, it’s in dedication to practicing and using the tools that you will begin to see results. Just like any thing you want to get good at, if you don’t practice you won’t see much results! But the more you practice the greater the Love, Peace and Joy results!


Jessi Moon

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