I believe we can shift the consciousness of the planet in one generation. The concept of raising consciousness is still new in our society. We are the first to be bringing this forward in our homes and schools. Reflecting on Consciousness grows Consciousness. What is our potential? What is our collective dream reality? I’ve been having fun today dreaming about what is possible.

I believe teaching our children what consciousness is and how to develop it is essential for our individual and collective success. Because success is happiness, Blissfulness, Prosperity, Fulfillment, Joy and Peace. And the more Conscious you are the more these qualities grow from within. I see us creating a successful Conscious world through teaching our children to be conscious. To learn to meditate, control the mind, to know how to direct emotions, to feeling empowered and like anything is possible! Creative Kids with optimism and Love instilled in their hearts, schools, homes and day care centers too. I envision us living in a society where Consciousness is imbued all around our children. Where teachers and Parents have access to trainings helping them learn the tools to support this higher vision.

We know in science now all learning is only possible in a body and brain that is at peace. The more peaceful and calm and serene or love a child feels the better they learn and the higher their potential to focus and really absorb the information they are being presented. What makes our society struggle is a lack of consciousness. Its a lack of peace, a lack of love, a lack of teachers and parents and care givers surrounding our children who possess a higher state of consciousness or sense of peacefulness. Peacefulness is a requirement for our success.

If we have chaos in our homes or schools, we are harming our children’s potential.

Lets begin our practice right now and raise our consciousness together in this moment. Lets begin by asking ourselves….

Where am I at? What level of Consciousness are you in right now? Are you happy, ok, tired? Where are you at?

Then what can you do in this moment to feel more joy happiness and peace? journal? Meditate? Check in? Take a breath? take a 20 min yoga break? Where are you at? Everything is here that we need, we are always being guided, but we have to stop ourselves, regather and allow our spirit to integrate into our bodies in order for inspiration to flourish and our minds to be able to hear the guidance.

Take care of yourself and remember your energy level matters. The higher you grow your energy the greater influence you have on everyone around you. You serve no one in a low state. We must take responsibility for our minds, emotions and energy levels and its not anyone else’s responsibility to do it for you. Anytime you need help your always welcome to ask me too, so you always have support!

I have an exciting announcement: My Teacher Steven Sadleir has just released a new book called The Natural Health Handbook, The Science of being healthy and happy naturally. It has everything you need in it to keep you and your children healthy. Included is information on Vaccinations and the hidden truth, Cleansing for healing, proper nutrition and the latest research and science of what we know today on health and how to cure diseases that perpetuate our society. Get it here!

Have a wonderful rest of your week! And remember to check in with yourself and stay conscious! This Friday we begin the kids 8 week summer classes that come with 4 conscious parenting classes which will dive deeper into the tools plus a private session. My teacher is also conducting a 12 week Self Realization Course that I very highly recommend all Parents and Teachers take too! It begins the last week in July! Info is here Its over the phone and THE training for raising Consciousness!!

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