Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for kids!

Hey Parents! I’ve developed a 3 month program for kids! It’s called The Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for kids! IMG_2774IMG_3117


A group of about 6 kids will meet with me once per week during the 3 months.(or twice in an intensive format)
Class will include life skills for:
* Developing Confidence and self esteem
* Taking responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions.
* How to communicate
* Understanding the mind and emotions
* How to find balance, peace and direction in life
* Finding happiness from within and learning to be Present
* Yoga
* Meditation
* How to deal with difficult situations!
* Knowing who they truly are
* Sending and receiving healing energy
* How to envision and manifest dreams and make the world a better place!

This class will give your children an extra edge in life! With greater understanding and awareness of oneself our lives can be lived in greater happiness, peace and with higher purpose!

The Course Includes:
* One private counseling session for the parents
* Two phone phone sessions to check in on child’s progress
* One Conscious Parenting class for all the parents together!

I’m so excited about this course and have a lot of interest already! So if your interested let me know! We can form a group for your child and their friends or maybe squeeze you into an group thats already forming!

Sending so much Love and Blessings abound! May your children have the tools and confidence in themselves in this life to move forward and manifest their highest and happiest self!


oh and to sign up or find a group near you just give me a call or text! (714)928-2520 or reply to Jessi@LetsEnlightenTogether.com p.s. If I don’t respond please call me! Sometimes I miss emails or they don’t go through! Course is $500 for the 3 months with everything included, the parenting class and private session etc…Special group rates available with 8 or more kids lowers the price to $375 per child.


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