How to work with your kids? 5 keys

Hello! I thought I’d take a moment to share with you a few secrets to helping your kids emotions and behaviors.

#1. Play with your kids. Play means connection and when your connected with your kids in a fun a happy way you will be able to talk to them at other times and receive better listening out of them.

#2. Breathe. Notice how deep and rejuvinated your breathe is. When you need to calm yourself down just take 5 deep breaths. Live your life with deeper breaths and your quality of relationship with your children will be more enjoyable.

#3. S.T.O.P. This tool I give to all the children I work and it helps them to choose not to react based on their emotion but instead to respond based on what they want to create. Heres how it works…When you find yourself about to get upset use the S.T.O.P tool. S stands for Stop yourself. T stands for Take a deep breath, O stands for Observe your mind and the other persons mind, imagine you floated above your head to observe the situation. And P stands for Perspective on Peace. Ask yourself what can I do in this moment to create more Peace and harmony? And then act on that inspiration! The stop tool works every time, you just have to remember to use it! And Kids do!! (write it down, take an extra moment to instill this tool in your brain) It will change your life.

#4. Ask Questions. Help your child develop the ability to think for themselves and make conscious decisions based on their own thoughts rather than telling them how and what to think. Help them develop awareness and knowledge by allowing them to think for themselves. This technique develops inner discipline and an awareness that will stick.

#5. Listen. Practice mindful listening to your children without trying to fix their problem. Just be present and practice listening to the point of silence, then only if you have a deep loving insight that includes a deep breathe maybe say something helpful. But if you don’t just stay quiet. Silence is beautiful, maybe just smile. Let your child speak and be heard without acting on the feeling or impulse to “fix” or take away their “feeling” Just listen. Also look at them with compassion and love when they speak, even when they are acting in a certain way that might normally make you mad, practice finding compassion and love for them in those moments too and do not judge them. See the light, the pure loving spirit that they are in ALL moments and when you can do this they will see it within themselves too. You bring out the light by seeing the light. See the light within them and listen with sincerity.


Think of your children as your art and Love is your medium. You can’t use too much. Their smile is your masterpiece. And laugh is your music. Let them dazzle your senses and you will soon be appalled by how they bring you back all that love you have selflessly poured in.

If I were to add one more tip #6. Would be Not to Expect. This is a big one…Do not expect your children to know how to act a certain way or speak a certain way you wish they would. TEACH THEM, and lead by example. Stop them when they are being rude and unthoughtful and help them change their tone to match a higher more loving vibration of courtesy and compassion for you. Do not expect them to have compassion for you, and others, and then get angry at them for their carelessness. Have more compassion for your child than just to get angry at them for bad behavior and take the responsibility as a parent to TEACH THEM how to behave, stop them and show them a better way of speaking, acting and thinking. Exemplify exactly how you wish they could have spoken to you and ask them to repeat it. Point it out and don’t just get angry at them, feel compassion and show them a better way. And then praise them when they are thoughtful, tell them how proud you are when they talk sweetly to you or do something you like, let their love sink into your heart and overwhelm you. For example: Buy their favorite healthy snack for after school, like for my son a coconut after school cracked open was something he went crazy for. Or make their favorite smoothie and give it to them not as a chore but a gesture of love and thoughtfulness. See? Be sweet. Stay happy and Give more. And they will learn to give more too. They are your reflections. They will adopt all your beauty and you don’t ever need to worry about giving too much. As long as you know how to live your life in fullness (in love). You have all you need. Let the love and sweetness overflow…and your home will be full of Love and laughter.

Meditation will help with mastering all of these keys and when you have a meditation daily practice you will have more love because the source of love is within you. The secret of all these keys is they direct you into more love and joy. The one true Key is LOVE. So whatever you do, do it with Love and you’ll be on the right track. If you need help, I’m here. 🙂

Open Arms and a big Hug!


Jessi Moon is a Certified Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Teacher that trains children, teens and adults privately, in schools and groups.

My little sunshine.

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