The Secret to Emotions and Behaviors

Hello!! This is so exciting for me to talk about with you today. Emotions and behaviors are the main problem we have with our children. They don’t feel good and a lot of times it can escalate into a completely chaotic unconscious mess, am I right? Can I please give you the secret to diffusing your children’s emotional behavior right now? I want you to really get this. Your children deserve this kind of presence from you. They deserve for you to be able to do this for them. And you deserve to be able to do this for them. I’m sure your already doing it a lot of the time, but you might not be conscious that your doing it or why it works. So let me explain…The easiest way to get your children to settle down and let go of whatever it is that is frustrating them is to ACKNOWLEDGE their feelings. Even if you feel what they are feeling is unnessisary or wrong,  if you can step out of your judgement about the situation and their feelings and be present with them and acknowledge them, poof they start settling down instantly. Now this is easier said than done, and the reason is because we have our own feelings happening at the same time and if your feelings are not well it’s going to be hard for you to have compassion for your child in that moment when your feeling depleted. Thats why practicing mindfulness and meditation is essential for parents!! You are able to be present with your kids and acknowledge their big feelings with a big compassionate heart! If you don’t have a big compassionate heart, if your not smiling inside, when your kids get upset, and your feeling sad or angry or holding onto something from yesterday that upset you, your not going to be able to be present! Make sense? Do you understand why it is SO important to meditate everyday now? You have to fill yourself up with love and energy and the only way to do that is by connecting with yourself. When you meditate what were doing is literally filling up with love in our heart and energy in our heads. Literally. So in order to be a conscious parent you really do need to meditate everyday, even if it’s just 5 minutes! I recommend a half hour a day for parents and you can do it anytime anywhere, but commit to it so you can fill up and be present for your kids! I can teach you deeper specifics on how to do it most efficiently and powerfully but even just stopping for moments throughout the day to check in and take a deep breath, close your eyes for 2 seconds, is going to reconnect you. If you are not connected to the source of love that lies within you, if you are not feeling full, parenting is going to be harder. Your children are going to not be as happy. They are a reflection of your happiness. Your children Love you so much and its your responsibility to make sure that they feel your love. You need to show them how powerful you are, that when they have a problem you can help them. They can COME TO YOU for help when they need it. It’s a big responsibility raising a human being. Bigger than I think most of us realize. We think other things are more important than our children’s emotional well being, or that they just have to figure it out somehow on their own. But I believe if we each took responsibility for our children’s emotions and could simply be present and acknowledge them, share our compassion for them and their feelings that we would be taking a great big leap on our parenting path. You would feel good about yourself and your ability to parent. Your children would be feeling better knowing your always there to help them feel better. They know you have so much love and compassion for them and their feelings always. And you have the best advice or ideas on how to make things better 🙂 I see you as this conscious parent! Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the Solar Eclipse tonight! They say we cant see it but we will feel it. We are in the sign of Cancer, it’s all about feelings, so be extra gentle with yourself and your loved ones. It’s a Perfect time to meditate and fill yourself up and share your love with everyone. Be well! Contact me for a private mindfulness session for your children or yourself in my new office space! It’s been such a joy having you come into my energy. I love coming to your homes but having you come to me feels really amazing. I can help you with the problems your having in your family and it’s a joy to serve you. Have a beautiful and blessed day!!

Filled in Love,

Jessi Moon

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