The Movement is Now

Hey, I know it’s the Holiday and it’s crazy with thinking about the presents and work and the kids. Lets take a mindful moment together and check in. Where are you at? Are you rushing? What state are you in? This is the foundation of mindfulness, understanding what state your in and then consciously guiding your mind into the peace and the clarity you need. 
I’m really looking forward to introducing some of you to my teacher Master Sai Steven Sadleir  Dec. 9th and 10th. Thanks to those of you who have already signed up, I know this is a crazy time of year to have a weekend intensive mindfulness teacher training like this but it will be well beyond the worth of your time and attention. The quality of your life is more important than anything, plus you and your kids gaining these tools is revolutionary and it will be fun learning them with us! 
Tomorrow at 9am jump on the free Teleconferenced class call with us just dial (641)715-3660 pin 762617# and stay connected through the holidays. Make it a point to stay extra conscious. 
Cant wait to share the secrets and science with you all Dec 9th and 10th at The Atrium Hotel across from John Wayne Airport! It will be worth it if you can rearrange some things to be there. Plus you will get certified to teach mindfulness! We need you to help us make this movement a reality. You are invited to help us move this forward for our children and our future generations to come. What a gift and responsibility we hold! Yes I’m speaking to YOU! If you don’t learn to master your mind, your life, your meditation, your parenthood and your reading this…how are others going to learn? How are we going to make a difference if your not committed to learning and sharing the wisdom? You are reading this for a reason. I hope you can make it and I’d Love to see you there.
Join us in the morning 12/2 Saturday at 9am for a free guided meditation and talk about the mindfulness teacher training.
My friends are welcome to the discount group rate price when you decide to sign up. And your whole family can join you with that one ticket too! We want you all to learn. 
Sending Love and Joy, and Deep breaths! You got this this holiday!
(714)928-2520 (my cell) call me with questions :)… 
Tomorrow Morning 9am Saturday 12/2 Dial (641)715-3660 pin 762617# Mark it in! Get Drenched in Mindfulness this holiday! and enjoy! Blessings!  Link to training and to sign up: 




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