The Greatest Gift for your Kids this Season?

If you could give your kids tools to clear their head, to feel better, and improve their minds capacity to learn, grow and evolve would you?

If you could give your kids a calmer more understanding stress free parent who has a tone that they want to listen to and be around you, would you?

If you could learn in one weekend the most powerful tools for your child’s happiness, academic success, and clarity of mind would you want to learn and give them these tools? What if these tools even worked for your happiness and success too? Would you want to use them? Is feeling good, being happy, and having a strong intelligent mind you understand and can direct important to you? Is it important your child posses these qualities? Did you know we at The Self Awareness Institute are masters of the mind, the energy field and have the tools to give you and your kids that work? Usually I teach kids directly, but this training is for adults, and young adults to learn in depth the practice of Advanced Mindfulness. It’s an intensive, or Teacher Training Certification. You will be a certified Mindfulness teacher after the training.

Experience more happiness, joy, bliss, ability to direct your mind and feel confident and clear on any issue or problem you may face. There are solutions to every problem, and ways to deal with difficult situations quicker than you may have learned already. This training accelerates your evolution as a human being. It makes you a super being. Learn to be a super being and give the tools to your kids. Give your kids super being tools 🙂 They really Love them too. I was just around all my nieces and nephews for 3 days, and they begged for more everyday. These tools aren’t something kids resist learning. They really do make you blissful, happy and confident instantly when you practice them. So they are addictive because of the powerful effects they have. Not because it’s something you “need” to do to be successful or anything. This stuff is fun!

What greater gift can you think of giving your kids this holiday than a sense of EMPOWERMENT, TRUE HAPPINESS and A STRONG MIND THEY UNDERSTAND AND CAN DIRECT??!!

December 9th and 10th at The Atrium Hotel across from John Wayne Airport from 9-6pm join us!

You will learn the most powerful tools on the planet for peace, love, joy and success and you will not find them anywhere else in the entire world packed into one weekend training like this. This training will be taught by Master Sai Steven S. Sadleir a world renowned teacher that has trained thousands, including myself who now endeavors to gift these powerful tools to children and those that work with children and young adults so we can support our kids emotional and mental health. We all want our kids to be strong and powerful, happy and courageous and confident. There are very simple yet very advanced tools you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Please join us the weekend of Dec. 9th and 10th at The Atrium Hotel.

This training is specifically for parents, for older teens, for young adults, for teachers, counselors, yoga teachers and all those who care about kids. It can also be taken just to learn the tools for your own self. So please invite those you love and we look forward to seeing you there!

Sign up here at 30% off, just mention my name, Happy Cyber Monday:

With Love,

Jessi Moon

p.s. This Saturday Dec. 2nd we will have a free live teleconference call about the training, just dial (641)715-3660 pin 762617# at 9am this Saturday to learn more. Or feel free to call me directly too (714)928-2520 I’m happy to answer your questions.


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