Shifting Consciousness

Hello! Would you like to have a tool for shifting your negative mental state sometimes?

Here let me give you an easy but incredibly powerful one. And also I want to let you know my next series of classes begin next week too. I’ll put the info at the bottom if you’d like to join me.

So who likes to have a negative mind? I sure don’t. But don’t we all just revert to negativity so much? Do you notice your mind getting negative and thinking ugh this sucks or whatever…well here try this next time you start to get negative.

First identify the negative thoughts. Or in other words observe your mind thinking negatively. Next ask what would be a positive perspective about this situation? And then allow your mind to give you the most positive perspective about that situation it can.

poof done.

For example: I walked into the kitchen this morning and I’m so sick of this June gloom, lol aren’t you? And I’m thinking this sucks, I don’t even want to go outside to go do yoga on the beach and surf. I catch my negative mind, and ask ok what would be the most positive way to look at this moment. And In my mind I say, Well it’s the perfect weather to get some work done and it’s nice it’s not sunny because then I’d want to go out and go surf while I would be getting work done. So here I am being a happy little yogini offering you a mindfulness tools and letting you know about my new class series that begins next week.

We can use this flip all day. Its actually super fun to do and this is how you train your mind to stay positive. Life is a mind fuck. If you don’t know how to fuck with your own mind, your mind will fuck with you! haha

Have a great day! You know! Choose it! Make the flip. Your one millisecond away from being happy. Is it the weather making you unhappy, your spouse, your kids? Or is it YOUR MIND??????????

I’ll share my next fav mindfulness tool next email so look out for it, if you need it sooner come see me or set up a private.

Heres a link to ALL my upcoming classes. Or go to my website here to see it all laid out pretty clear too.

Love you all and your children too. Looking forward to a fun summer!

To your happy mind.


Jessi Moon CMT

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