See you this weekend?

Children mimic their parents. Like they mimic me in my classes for kids. They learn through our example. They become more loving and compassionate the more loving and compassionate we are with them. This goes for adults too…This weekend I have one last Mindful Parenting class for the year through the city of Newport Beach. I’m going to share powerful ways to clear out negative energy and tune into your natural essence of peace and love. The tools are very advanced and I have clients that have been studying conscious parenting for years from other experts and are learning these techniques and insights from me now and are finally getting it. The shift into a higher consciousness can’t really take place just talking about it. This weekend we will dive deep into the main tool meditation and I’ll explain some more great tools for you and your spouse to use for greater connection with your peaceful insightful self and with your children. October 13th 11am-1pm at The Marina Park Community Center with Ocean Views. Sign up Here




🙏🏻 hope you can make it! Bring friends! Please sign up early if your planning on coming.

p.s. Also we are hosting a Kids yoga teacher training this weekend October 14th 8:30-5pm in Irvine. sign up here 

p.p.s. Please reach out anytime you need help for you or your kids. This is a picture of a private group of 5th grade girls learning. I go to homes for privates and people are making big shifts in their parenting and healing their relationships with their children. I have the secret and using me to come in and help you and your family heal is one of the easiest things you can do if you want or need to get to the place inside you and in your family that your wanting. I Love my job and I love serving each of you. I believe in the highest happiest you. And see you with the powerful ability to clear your mind and stress daily! And be able to be Present and happier!!


Love and Hugs,
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