Newport, Long Beach and Irvine!

Hello everyone! This is my last reminder that my Meditation and Mindfulness Classes begin this week through The City of Newport Beach. They are only 5 week series classes and some allow drop ins too. I have even have Yoga and Mindfulness Classes for your entire family to come to on a couple Saturdays this Fall. One at Marina Park on the Peninsula in Newport and the other in Corona Del Mar at The Community Youth Center.

These Facilities are SOOO beautiful. I’m really excited to continue teaching at these really nice Newport Facilities. I’ll also be in Long Beach teaching a kids class and doing a mindful parenting workshop at the new Ra Yoga over there. The parent class will be 9/29 at Ra yoga Long beach.

BUT My next Mindful Parenting Class is going to be next weekend actually!! September 15th at The Community Youth Center in Corona Del Mar from 11-1pm! I’ll post a link at the bottom of the page to link you to ALL my class offerings this fall though Newport. My meditation class is filling up and drop in’s are now welcome!! That class is Monday nights at 7-8pm, AND I have a meditation class Wednesdays at 11am-12pm that more people need to sign up for or it will be cancelled, so if you want a semi private class that Weds class would be it! Just one is signed up right now and I just need a couple more to run it. It will be over by Back Bay at The Bonita Creek Center.

What else: The Kids Mindfulness and Yoga class begins this Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm! And the Teen class is at 4:30-5:30pm right after! I have some pre teens signing up for the teen class so if your pre teen wants to do that class they are welcome to sign up, just mention I said it was ok. And please tell your friends about my classes! The center is perfect for these kids classes but I need help letting parents know I have them in CDM now!

I’m excited to be teaching at two private schools this fall too. Pegasus and Renaissance, so if your kids go there heres your reminder to have them join me in their after school program and I’ll have a before school mindfulness class at Pegasus!! Oh and I’m now contracted to put programs at every school in Irvine so let me know if you want me to put a program at your kids school in Irvine!! We just held a Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training and I now have more teachers to send out to the schools!! They are really great teachers too.

What else? haha um I Love you? And I hope that your thriving! Please don’t ever forget to know I can help you learn something our culture has no idea about. It is a BRAND NEW SCIENCE. Well it’s actually an ancient science but now modern science acknowledges its potency because we can now measure its effects on our bodies and not just our bodies and minds but our ENERGY! We can actually measure the bio magnetic field now. And my teachings teach you to INCREASE your bio magnetic field and enhance your brain functioning. This is why I teach to children, because when children learn this NOTHING CAN STOP THEM. When you understand the mind and how to use it, nothing can ever stand in your way of learning growing and evolving into ever greater levels of happiness peace and love. It’s the most empowering thing we can give ourselves and our kids, it is the ultimate coping skills and creates a STRONG RESILIENCY.

Have a great night everyone and know I Love you beyond beyond.

Connect with you soon. Here is the link! Sign up! Or drop in, but ask me first if you can drop in cause some classes the city won’t let me have drop in’s. Link:¬†

Everything is very affordable too, if you have any questions just hit reply!

Blessings and Lots of Love,

Jessi Moon CMT

p.s. I have Baby & me Yoga too! Incase any new mommies or daddies are out there! Also you need to click on that link above ON YOUR COMUPTER, because my classes won’t all come up if you don’t. I know weird but just go to your computer when you can and click it so you can see the classes. Hugs

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