More Joy and Clarity for you

I want you all to come join me in this uplifting energy I’m generating! I’m so grateful to be doing this work and I want you to take advantage of the teachings I’m giving. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be be able to do this kind of work. Come take advantage of the opportunity to take a 5 week class Mindful Parenting series with me. My mind is Blown this is ACTUALLY HAPPENING! The city accepted the class and everything and people are signing up!? Like Whaaat?? This is my DREAM COME TRUE. Come be a part of my dream to give you the greatest tools I’ve been taught. Tools that keep me peaceful and truly sincerely happy and feeling loved and supported. I want to be there for you to receive them. I’ve been very fortunate to been given these tools and I want to give them to each of you. Come to my parenting class this Tuesday at 4:30-5:30pm at The Community Youth Center in Corona Del Mar, Ca. Make it a beautiful after noon by the beach. I’m working on finding a babysitter even to watch the kids at the park just outside the center, we can literally see the kids playing from the room with the great big beautiful windows out to the park. I want to make this really fun for everyone, fun and convenient while enlightening 🙂

Anyone have a teen that would like a babysitting job once per week for the next 5 weeks Tuesdays at 4:30pm?

An adult Meditation and mindfulness class is also beginning Monday at 6-7pm at the same center.

So if your a parent please come to the Mindful Parenting Class, we’d love to have you and if your not please join the Monday night or Thursday night meditation class 🙂 Both are in this gorgeous room and will change your life and bring you an enrichment and sense of upliftment and vitality!

Sending you waves of Love,

Hope to see you next week!

Links to sign up:

Mindful Parenting:

Meditation and Mindfulness:

Please tell friends who would be interested! Appreciate the support and hope to see you!