Mindful Parenting

First of all I want to address the concept and awareness I am attempting to spread in this world. I appreciate you all sticking with me and allowing me to grow and evolve into a better and better teacher and person. I know I am not perfect and I know a lot of you know that too. Haha But the thing is I have something insanely POWERFUL to share with you! And I’m not just saying that to get something form you! It’s true. You all deserve to receive it, and I’m so sorry if my personality has been bothersome in any way for you. I would like to step out of the way and be as humble as I can, get on my knees and give you something. Theres an opportunity for me to give it to you coming up. I am teaching a class in Corona Del Mar, Ca on Mindful Parenting  beginning 7/31/18, its a 5 week series class. If your not a parent I have meditation classes and private clients and do distant coaching too. But this Class coming up is SO EXCITING for me!!!! I need your support in coming and learning and also telling others about it! Who do you know that could use this support?! I mean come on it’s so freaking fun evolving our consciousness together! What else is more important than enlightening and providing a more intelligent environment for our children to thrive in?! Will you come? Will you support this work, your enlightenment, and help grow this awareness by telling others too? Let me know how you feel. I would LOVE to hear form you. I hope your all doing AMAZING, and don’t even worry for a second if your not. Let me blow some strong life force energy into you right now! Take a deep breath, We are always connected, I am always here for you and to the degree you allow your spirit to guide you it will. I am honored if you feel called to let me help you evolve on your journey to your highest self. Thank you so much!


Have a beautiful day and remember, it’s only getting better, your only getting smarter, and we can shift higher together. I am honored to bring forth this ancient wisdom into our modern world, into your mind and your families.

Sign up for the Mindful Parenting class here: https://apm.activecommunities.com/cnbreg/Activity_Search?txtActivitySearch=Mindful%20parenting&applyFiltersDefaultValue=true&cat=Activities

Or my new meditation class here: https://apm.activecommunities.com/cnbreg/Activity_Search/meditation-and-mindfulness/39983 

With Love and big hugs,