Kids Nervous System Energy and Emotions: Join us

Dear Parents,

We all know we have energy in our bodies, that we are in fact made of energy, we are energy beings, but has anyone every taught you how to direct that energy? Did you know thoughts are also energy? The new science of our age is here. Most adults haven’t a clue how to direct their energy and they just bounce from one emotion to the next, based on what their thinking, which is based on programming they got throughout their lives, mainly as a child from their parents. And we expect our kids to have balanced emotions and energy?

There are ways, or I should say tools you can practice that will teach you how to control your own life force energy so that you feel better. And you actually develop a thicker Neo Cortex from practicing these tools, which basically means you become smarter, more in tune with what you should do in a given situation, and less reactive to old pattern responses.

Do you think its cools to learn how to connect with your energy and learn how to direct it? Do you see how it’s not even a complicated thing to do when you think about it? But the only way you will ever learn is if your taught. Its like playing a sport and trying to learn the game on you tube without a coach guiding you. it’s actually a lot more difficult than that…

That is why I am working together with MY TEACHER a master in mindfulness and Director of The Self Awareness Institute to share these tools with parents, teachers and kids…

This needs to be in our school systems, our children are suffering due to ignorance. We suffer only due to ignorance. We are much more powerful beings than we think. Maybe you know there is a greater potential within you? If you could learn the most powerful tools this planet has to offer to learn how to control your mind, emotions and create more happiness and success in your life in one weekend would you want to come? I promise the tools we have you cannot learn anywhere else because only a master can teach it in this way. There is an evolution of consciousness within human beings. Come learn and lets teach it to our kids so they grow into little super beings!

Hope to see you this weekend!!! At The Atrium Hotel across from John Wayne Airport. The time in NOW. You deserve to live in peace, know how to release stress in minutes, and be a happier parent and person. Come learn the tools with us, its going to be sooo Loving 🙂 Bring your kids, we will have day care and teens can sit in and learn too…

Please rsvp so I know who’s coming. Excited to share! Have a wonderful rest of YOUR DAY!! Make it a MARVELOUS life!

Blessings and Love,

Ms. Moon

Call me with any questions or ideas! (714)928-2520

p.s. families can come for only one group discount ticket. And principals form your schools can come no charge, if you know anyone else that should be there let me know…I have UCLA researchers coming to our next one to better understand this science! If you know anyone connected in progressive science research hook them up with us! We are wanting to bring this science forward for ALL to understand!

HUGS have a wonderful day. Link To sign up:

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