Fun events this weekend!!

Super fun events are happening this weekend and your welcome to join me!!

Conscious Parenting Workshop is Saturday 9/29 from 1:30-3:30pm You will learn how to shift your consciousness and heal yourself and your children on very deep levels. I will lay a foundation for your family that will keep you together and staying conscious!

Also Sunday- I have a fun Family Yoga and Mindfulness Class on the Peninsula in Newport Beach! At the Marina Park new Community Center. 11-12pm Come bring your whole family Sunday for some fun together with me and meet other super amazing families in the community!! All ages welcome babies to teens and their parents!! Grandparents welcome too!

Lastly a Mindful Parenting Workshop will be at this Newport Location also October 13th! So if you cant make it Saturday to the long beach class sign up for the Newport one!

Here is a link to the Newport classes here is a link to the ra yoga

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Maybe see ya at one of my events??!! Feel free to reply to say hi or ask a questions, I have so many other programs running right now I can barely keep up so if you have a desire for something check in with me and I can lead you in the right direction on how to get involved in learning with me!!

Blessings and Love,


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