Family Mindfulness Retreat in Costa Rica – Fully Private and Semi Private Bookings Available

A family mindfulness retreat in Costa Rica geared towards helping you build a conscious family, that strengthens your relationships, and harbors an environment of personal growth

Wouldn’t it be amazing if not just you, but your whole family gets to experience the transformative power of yoga?

Add to that, the idea that you not only get to learn and grow, but also have a lot of fun, while you’re on your family mindfulness retreat in Costa Rica.

This is what is the focus of this retreat. To help family members become more self aware, and also explore the many joys of being in Costa Rica.

Imagine what it would feel like to meditate together with your family in the jungle, to go horseback riding at the most scenic location, and to do yoga facing the ocean.

And if you’re someone who loves surfing, to do so in 83 degree water with perfect gentle waves the kids can enjoy too!

The experience that this family yoga retreat in Costa Rica can provide, helps you make a connection with nature, with yourself, and a build a more stronger and loving bond with your family.

Jessi Moon - Meditation Instructor

I’m Jessi Moon — Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Instructor

And I’d like to be your host and guide at the family mindfulness retreat In Costa Rica, where together we can go on a journey, that allows us to connect with the deeper dimensions of who we are, and take that presence out into nature, to have a truly marvelous experience.

I’ve been conducting private and semi-private classes for kids and families for years, and I know how to make it easy for both your kids and yourself to learn mindfulness practices and shift your consciousness to experience relaxation, and happiness.

Learning yoga and mindfulness as a family can be so much fun and enriching. When all people in a family are committed towards personal transformation, life can become so much more easier.

I look forward to seeing you at the family mindfulness retreat in Costa Rica!

If you have any questions, call at 714-928-2520 or email

Testimonials from the Retreat in Costa Rica

The trip was definitely amazing! Thanks so much for the yoga and meditation classes, Jessi. You’re a wonderful teacher and your spirit is so vibrant. I’ve carried many parts of the trip home with me like daily yoga stretches and occasional meditation. Thank you to the rest of the group for the great positive energy and I hope to see everyone again soon 🙂


The retreat was a lot of fun. We had daily yoga sessions which Jessie tailored in a way that everyone could participate. We learned meditation every evening. We even had healing circles. We explored the area by making trips to various waterfalls, horseback riding, a trip on a boat where we got to see mama and a baby whale. We got to see a turtle very close to our boat. We saw several species of monkeys. We were fed three meals per day that were delicious.


Let’s Plan Your Trip!

I’d be happy to create a custom plan as per your requirements.

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