Event this weekend & free tickets to training for principals


Sunday 11-1pm at The Yoga Center 445 17th st. Costa Mesa. See many of you there and please forward to other parents, classrooms, teachers, counselors and anyone who works with kids. We are looking forward to helping everyone learn these tools and understand their power.

We are also gifting two free tickets to principals of schools to our Upcoming Kids Mindfulness Teacher Trainings happening in Florida in November and in Newport beach in December. Let us know if you want to gift your principal tickets to be trained in teaching kids mindfulness. We are looking for advocates to help us spread the word, so if you know other moms, teachers, counselors or people that are interested in attending we have a group rate you can offer them and in return for helping us get the word out we may gift you a ticket too! Call me with questions if your interested in becoming an advocate (714)928-2520 We would Love for you to help our mission to train more kids mindfulness teachers and help us shift kids into peaceful, happy, successful intelligent, human beings. This is how we change the world. It’s through providing kids tools for their success in life. Its through teaching them to be mindful and caring about a bigger picture. This is how we help kids find their purpose, fulfillment in life and change the consciousness on the planet. Lets do it!

With Love,



p.s. this event this weekend is for parents only, but there is a separate room if you need to bring a baby. If baby gets fussy you can enter into the other room so not to disturb the talk and demonstration. But please get babysitters and leave kids at home so you can be fully present with us. Classes for kids are on Tuesdays after school. See details on website.. Thank You!


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