Join us for a Transformative experience in heaven! Retreat to Costa Rica to Heal, explore the most biodiverse area on our planet, have fun and learn a powerful life enhancing meditation practice.

Jessi shares from an authentic lineage of Siddha Masters.

You will learn to enter into blissful states, surf incredible long warm waves(optional), snorkel, horseback ride together and enjoy the Beautiful eco luxury lodge together in the jungle!

In 2023, You’re invited for a truly nourishing, and transformative experience in Costa Rica!

Jessi Is a senior instructor from The Self Awareness Institute and avid surfer.

Testimonials from the Retreat in Costa Rica

To anyone remotely considering going …. Please go!! It was amazing in so many ways. I highly recommend to reset your life or to just simply go and feel nature and the love from within and others. 🙂


The retreat was a lot of fun. We had daily yoga sessions which Jessie tailored in a way that everyone could participate. We learned meditation every evening. We even had healing circles. We explored the area by making trips to various waterfalls, horseback riding, a trip on a boat where we got to see mama and a baby whale. We got to see a turtle very close to our boat. We saw several species of monkeys. We were fed three meals per day that were delicious.


We’ll walk to a few waterfalls, snorkel, surf, and do meditation and yoga together.
Each day you will have the option to surf at sunrise or just sleep in then we’ll have breakfast and then enjoy a gentle optional yoga class. Then we will have lunch and enjoy either more surfing or a waterfall hike or a snorkeling boat trip or horseback riding! Then we will meditate before dinner in the evenings, do some healing circles maybe and then enjoy dinner together! Each day is flexible and nothing is mandatory. I like to give everyone time to just enjoy the beauty of where we are at and not rush around too much. It’s free flowing and open to interpretation and suggestion!

One afternoon we will take a boat out to snorkel pristine waters with whales and dolphins. The water is going to be crystal clear with the dry season around too! So get excited about seeing the oceans most biodiverse area!

The wave is a right point break which is an incredible advanced long wave and also a perfect learning wave on the inside! So it’s perfect for everyone.

We will enjoy amazing gourmet meals 3x per day! Vegan and gluten free options available. And we get desert every night!

Our Eco Luxury Lodge where we will be staying is absolutely gorgeous too. Monkeys and so much wildlife pass by our beautiful porches everyday! Just relaxing here is a show in itself!

Payment options:

All packaged in at an unbelievable price of $2200. ONLY!

Payment options:
Check: You can send in a check for $2200.

Online: PayPal – If you prefer to pay online you can click the PayPal button below.

Retreat Dates:

April 29 – May 6th, 2023

Price includes 7 days of accomodation, 3 meals per day, yoga/meditation classes, a group boat snorkeling trip, waterfall guided hikes, and horseback riding!
Waves are free! Bring a board or rent one for just $20 per day. Surfing lessons available upon request!

*Flight fare, transportation and Tips not included.

Contact Jessi when you are ready to enroll and she will give you details about what flights to take and answer any other questions you might have!

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