Behaviors, Emotions and Happiness

Human beings are complex creatures and the understanding of our minds and emotions has not been our strong point in history. Yoga is an ancient science to control the mind and feel happiness and peace in our lives. We know in science now that these ancient practices work to lower brain wave frequencies (thoughts) and increase a sense of clarity and direction. We know they also balance our hormones, reduce our cortisol levels and increase our bio magnetic field.

To sum it up, I could go on forever on the benefits but the gist is you know how to use your mind and feel happy and healthy.

This is what I have to offer each of you and your children. I know the secret to clearing the mind and entering into blissful deep meditations. I know the secret to manifesting, learning from difficult situations and living a happy life. If you want to learn to get happier, feel more blissful in your life, gain a deeper connection to your self and your children, family and friends come take my classes or reach out for a private session.

My new updated schedule of classes is on my homepage at

New classes start in just two weeks and I have a new summer camp for kids called Happy Camp! A one week bootcamp for kids to have fun and learn to carry a higher vibration and happiness. Thank you everyone for your referrals, I appreciate when you tell your friends about my services, especially when you tell the parents of any children who need help.

Hope to see you soon.

Love you all,


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p.s. My guru’s retreat is coming up memorial day weekend, your all invited!! May 24th-27th Let me know if you want to come and I can get you in for a discount! Also Saturday June 1st I’ll have another one day Meditation mini retreat! I will be full of energy from the retreat so if you cannot make it sign up for that day in Corona Del Mar to soak up the vibes! all details are on my website.