The Happy Child Transformation


A 3 Month Program for kids to transform into peaceful, happy, confident, receptive and cheerful kids!!

Product Description

This offering changes families lives!!!

The Happy Child/Teen Transformation Program

What you will receive:

1. Once a week Jessi will come to your home to meet with you, your child or whole family together.

3. You will have phone access to Jessi for a 15 minute check in if needed during the week.

Your children will learn basic mindfulness tools to control their mind and emotions and enjoy a loving presence to connect with to help them better deal with the difficult situations in their lives. These tools develop self control and lay a foundation for their mental and emotional resiliency for life.

Plus you as the parent will learn how to shift your energy vibration and state of mind too!

These are the keys to unlock the potential of a happier family!

It’s that simple and it works every time! We have helped change many children, Teens and families lives in even the most extreme cases like Suicide threats in notes to parents, to anger tantrum teens, to back talking/ anger problems, to OCD, ADHD, Autistic children also have great healing shifts. Mindfulness for kids and parents is groundbreaking work and it just works. When all other therapies fail people come to Jessi for an alternative approach. The shift is often made effortlessly. We have many tools including NLP techniques to help you and your kids rewire the brain and begin hardwiring it for more positive results.

To schedule your Free Consultation appointment to discuss this program and if it is a right fit for you and your child simply Call Jessi at (714)928-2520 and lets set up a time to talk!