More Joy and Clarity for you

I want you all to come join me in this uplifting energy I’m generating! I’m so grateful to be doing this work and I want you to take advantage of the teachings I’m giving. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be be able to do this kind of work. Come take advantage of the […]

Mindful Parenting

First of all I want to address the concept and awareness I am attempting to spread in this world. I appreciate you all sticking with me and allowing me to grow and evolve into a better and better teacher and person. I know I am not perfect and I know a lot of you know […]

The Secret to Emotions and Behaviors

Hello!! This is so exciting for me to talk about with you today. Emotions and behaviors are the main problem we have with our children. They don’t feel good and a lot of times it can escalate into a completely chaotic unconscious mess, am I right? Can I please give you the secret to diffusing […]

My new Space!!

Hi!! I recently turned one of the rooms in my home into my office space!! For seeing clients in my home for private mindfulness, meditation and yoga therapy! I work with a lot of Kids and Teenagers but also do healing transformational work on adults and parent coaching too. The space is large enough for […]