Going Live tomorrow (Friday) at 9:30am!

I’m going to be on Facebook tomorrow morning at 9:30am to explain how I work with kids and Teens in My Spiritual and Life Coaching class so you can get a better glimpse of how it works and get some ideas how you can work with your kids on helping their consciousness grow too! See […]

Going Live on FB tomorrow at 10am!

Hey you guys! I’m going to go Live tomorrow (Sunday) at 10am on Facebook to go over Conscious Parenting, How I work with kids, what you can do with your kids to connect better, and how to find Bliss within you everyday and share that Bliss with your family and eliminate your unconscious patterns for […]

Deeper inner peace for kids/teens! Fall Courses begin

Hello there Mom/ Dad. How are you?! Hows your kids? Entering into the fall is a perfect time to go within and develop a spiritual practice to warm the insides, nurture the soul and find greater peace. Like a warm cup of tea when it’s cold outside, I’m really getting excited to connect with your […]