Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids & Teens

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Hey Parents! This class is a program for kids and teens to teach self awareness/ mindfulness, yoga and meditation for deeper happiness, peace, concentration an focus! Just listen to Alivia above! She just replied to my email because she moved away and said “I’m doing great! What I’ve learned form you has really helped me a lot!” She was suffering from depression and she learned to become blissful and happy with these tools 🙂 Kids shift quick with the right tools!

A group of about 6-10 kids/Teens will meet with me once per week for one hour during the course.

Class will include life skills for:
* Developing Confidence and self esteem
* Taking responsibility for thoughts, words and actions.
* How to communicate
* Understanding the mind and emotions and how to direct them
* How to find balance, peace and direction in their lives
* Finding happiness from within and learning to be Present
* Healthy moving bodies with Yoga
* How to focus, center and find inner peace and bliss through Meditation
* How to deal with difficult situations *Journaling (for older children)
* Self Awareness
* Sending and receiving healing energy (receiving and sharing Love)
* How to envision and manifest dreams and make the world a better place!

This class will give your children an extra edge in life! With greater understanding and awareness of oneself our lives can be lived in greater happiness, peace and with higher purpose!

The Course Includes:

  • * 10 One hour classes for the kids
    * One private counseling session for parents with Jessi
    * One report Card for each child on their progress at end of session
    * One Conscious Parenting class for all the parents together

*At The Yoga Center 445 17th st. Costa Mesa, Ca

Next class begins Sunday Sept. 10th 2017 for ages 10 and up


Please call if you’d like to start another class…this program may be implemented in schools too.

For ages 4-18, Young adult classes and parent classes are possible to start too.

We can form a special group for your child and their friends and to use either The Yoga Center or you can have me to come to you too, maybe to even your child’s school.

Sending so much Love and Blessings abound! May your children have the tools and confidence in themselves in this life to move forward and manifest their highest and happiest self! This course is very healing and transformational, call with specific questions here. (714)928-2520

With Love,

Testimonial from Rachel Clegg (mother)

So glad to have met Jessi and enrolled my 7 year old son in this awesome course. He loved the classes and has grown so much already on his spiritual path. She has helped us both to live a more conscious life and learn what it is to be more mindful and self-aware in our day-to-day activities. Connecting with Jessi was no coincidence.. Not only has she helped guide my child to be more conscious, she has helped me to have a deeper connection with him which has enabled me to be a more effective parent. Jessi is truly a gem and gift to the community. We love you and thank you for everything you do 😉

Click Here to Register early registration codes available, group discounts of 3 or more available and Sibling rates. Return student discounts available too.  Listen to Jessi talking about the course here.

This video is old, but it explains a little bot about the course and what to expect.





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