One Year Conscious Parenting Support Package



Shift you and your children’s behavior into happiness, joy and deep connection GUARANTEED!

Product Description

Private Counseling with Jessi for one Year. 3x per month in person or over the phone.

One Enrollment into the Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for Kids.

One year enrollment into the Self Awareness Institute classes. These are weekly teleconferenced meditation/consciousness raising classes that are recorded for easy listening anytime an dwell shift you into a higher state.


With this package you will be guaranteed to shift your consciousness into a higher state and shift your children’s negative behavior too. Committing to one year ensures you have support to help you get to where you want to be in your life, in your energy, in your health, and with your kids. Jessi is a senior Self Awareness Institute instructor and understands life on an energetic level. The awareness you will gain in one year makes shifting difficult dynamics into peace and joy easier and more effortless when you understand and use these tools and this connection with Jessi. This package is for those who want lasting change in their families and to feel more happiness, peace, joy and connection within themselves and their children.

You save $3,600 with the One Year Conscious Parenting Support Package.

Your child will be enrolled in Jessi’s 12 week program for kids to learn to center their energy and find peace within. $500 value

One Year of Counseling 3x per week. $7,200 value

One year membership to the Self Awareness Institute teleconferenced classes which can be listened to live or later from the recording at your convenience. $700 Value

This year of support will get you to where you want to be with yourself and children. Let yourself be supported and grab one of the limited available Conscious Parenting year packages today.

Call Jessi for a free “counseling phone session to see if you would be a fit for this big shift” (714)928-2520


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