Conscious Parenting Summer class series

Hi Parents! This Sunday we begin the 4 week series Conscious Parenting class! We are going to meet EVERY OTHER SUNDAY at The Yoga Center from 1-2:30pm, for a total of 4 classes. Parents who have their kids enrolled in my Friday afternoon classes attend at no extra charge. But if you would like to […]


I believe we can shift the consciousness of the planet in one generation. The concept of raising consciousness is still new in our society. We are the first to be bringing this forward in our homes and schools. Reflecting on Consciousness grows Consciousness. What is our potential? What is our collective dream reality? I’ve been […]

A poem I wrote for you mom.

You are the most beautiful of all you give so selflessly often gone unseen your love grows like wildflowers in your childrens hearts! your reward, their contentment, right?? Humble mom I see you I see all your efforts to take care of yourself, even so you can be present and available for your kids? right? […]

Higher Being

Hey Parents! I wanted to introduce you to my teacher Steven Sadleir and explain how his classes have shaped me into this conscious parenting expert. I’m not sure I can explain it very well but I want to try because If you are struggling even an ounce with your state of happiness or with your kids at […]

What is Conscious Parenting?

Conscious Parenting means Parenting with Grace and Ease. It means being more aware of what is really going on as apposed to what may be projected in the mind as happening. See the difference? Your in a higher awareness with the ability to see ourself and our children CLEARLY without distortion of our minds unconscious filters clouding reality. It also means […]

The Conscious Parenting 30 Day Challenge

Begins Today! Would you like to learn the tools and tips for staying Conscious as a Parent? I’ve been thoroughly trained and have such incredible tips for you. This 30 Day Challenge is going to be conducted through a Facebook Group Called The Conscious Parenting 30 Day Challenge. So once you register here Go […]

Live at 10am on Facebook

Hey there! How are you? I’m going to be Live on my Facebook page Jessi Moon Conder at 10am this morning, Wednesday. Next week I’m beginning a Conscious Parenting 30 Day Challenge Group on Facebook and I’m going to explain what were going to be doing during the 30 day challenge on my Jessi Moon […]

Going Live tomorrow (Friday) at 9:30am!

I’m going to be on Facebook tomorrow morning at 9:30am to explain how I work with kids and Teens in My Spiritual and Life Coaching class so you can get a better glimpse of how it works and get some ideas how you can work with your kids on helping their consciousness grow too! See […]