Conscious Parents = Conscious Kids = Happy Families

Jessi can help you connect better with your children by showing you how to connect better with yourself and also by showing your children how to connect better to themselves. She is an expert in the field of self awareness and will be able to guide you to a deeper loving relationship with your children and everyone around you. But most importantly to your true self. 

Self Awareness is the Key to Conscious Happy kids. Self Awareness or Mindfulness techniques work to create happy families. 

The Happy Child & Family Transformation Program

What you will receive:

  1. Twice a month Jessi will meet with your child, you can also be there if it feels like the right thing for your situation (or whole family even!) Jessi will come to you or you can come to her office. 

      2. Plus Once per month Jessi will meet with one or both parents. Trading out one of these     sessions to your child is ok too. 

       3. Unlimited phone access to Jessi*. You can call Jessi anytime to discuss a situation on how to best handle it! 

You will see Jessi 3 times per month during the three month transformation, two for the child or children and one for the parent or parents and you will also have unlimited phone access to her*. If more sessions are needed to make the transformation then we can do that too.  

Your children will learn basic tools to control their mind and emotions and enjoy a loving presence to connect with to help them better deal with difficult situations that arise for them in their lives. These mindfulness tools develop self control and lay a foundation for their mental and emotional resilience for life.  

Plus you as the parent will learn how to shift your energy vibration and state of mind to a to that of a parent who children want to listen to and be guided by. A parent that is happy and clear. 

These are the keys to unlock the potential of a happier family! 

It’s that simple and it works! What you will gain is the shift you are needing in yourself and in your kids. I’ve helped change many children’s lives in even the most extreme cases like Suicide threats in notes to parents, to anger tantrum teens, to back talking, to OCD, ADHD, Autistic children also have great healing shifts. Mindfulness for kids and parents is groundbreaking work and it just works. When all other therapies fail people come to me. And the shift is often made effortlessly. I have many tools including NLP techniques to help you and your kids rewire the brain and begin hardwiring it for more positive results. 

To schedule your Free Consultation appointment to discuss this program and if it is a right fit for you and your family simply Call me at (714)928-2520 and lets set up a time to talk! 

*Unlimited phone access means during business hours 8-5pm Mon. through Friday. 

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Your level of Consciousness is reflected in your children’s state of being.

We don’t want to pass on our unconscious patterns to our children, Jessi will help empower you to eliminate unnessisary negative energy patterns you might not be aware of that are causing harm in your family.
Your child deserves to be raised by a Conscious YOU.  
So your life with your kids can be lived in Peace, Joy and Love! See all services here: Click Here to Register

It all starts from inside.

Give your family the tools.

May the next generation be raised in awareness of unconditional Love and blessings abound without our unconscious patterns attached!


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“This was a powerful seminar – packed with important and new information on how the mind works, how to improve health of mind & body, and techniques to harness joy & personal improvement. Addressing stress management, anxiety/worry, emotional awareness & stabilization, parenting, thought patterns, and nutrition, Steven and Jessie teach amazing meditation, mindfulness and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques to increase awareness, consciousness, and physical & spiritual vibration. These techniques can be applied to your own life or to your children, patients or students. The instruction included activities and the teachers’ personal experiences and wisdoms to guide you to a depth of understanding only achieved in this personalized and intensive setting. 

I highly recommend this program as an MD and as a mom – for healthcare practitioners, for parents, and for teachers & educators. 

It is life-changing on a personal and professional level. These teachings can and will have a great impact on children and young adults and our future. 

Thank you, Steven and Jessie, for an incredible experience. “Changing the world one person at a time”

With gratitude and OM love

🙏🕉✝☯🙏” – Dr. Allyson Berkey

Dr. Allison Berkey M.D.

So glad to have met Jessi and enrolled my 7 year old son in this awesome course. He loved the classes and has grown so much already on his spiritual path. She has helped us both to live a more conscious life and learn what it is to be more mindful and self-aware in our day-to-day activities. Connecting with Jessi was no coincidence.. Not only has she helped guide my child to be more conscious, she has helped me to have a deeper connection with him which has enabled me to be a more effective parent. Jessi is truly a gem and gift to the community. We love you and thank you for everything you do 😉

Rachel Clegg Testimonial

“Jessi I just want you to know how valuable you are to me, on the week I don’t see you I can tell a big difference in my level of energy, when you come my week is blissful, I’m able to sustain the energy we raise to during our session. I’m now able to meditate on my own and get to that place of bliss and it shifts my mood in moments, this work is truely changing my life. Thank you”

Mommie clientIrvine, CA

Jessi is a beacon of light and spreads love wherever she goes. When you are in her presence you feel peace and love. She is an excellent teacher and a wonderful meditation coach. She has been a tremendous inspiration to me and my daughter!

Amy MacConnellFounder of Club Kids Yoga programsLos Angeles, CA

My daughter had some kind of depression at age 9, she was tired of listening to me trying to help her, telling her what to feel and what to do, so I reach for professional help, what ever my insurance could cover. It didn’t work because she was treated more like an adult, my daughter was still feeling sad. I found Jessi and realize how much she cared about kids and their well being, and how sweet and much love she reflects, So I ask her to help me with my daughter. The knowledge she has as a therapist plus her natural talent of helping people and bliss, undoubtedly helped my daughter. Jessi humbly reached her level and was able to communicate all the love, and understanding about the world and games of life, in a very creative way taking her in to nature and talking under a beautiful willow tree, my daughter really enjoys it! Jessi is definitely a blessing in our lives.

MaritzamotherIrvine, CA
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