A happier Life

Hey! I have something I want to share with you. I created some really amazing tools for Conscious Parenting and helping you sustain a higher happiness and peace in your life. Sunday August 21st from 1-3pm I’ll be holding a Conscious Parenting class in Costa Mesa. I hope you can make it! Please let me know! […]

Summer Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for Kids!

Hey Parents! Next week we begin a new Spiritual and life Coaching Yoga course for Kids and parents! Each week we will meet on Thursday afternoons from 4:30-6pm starting July 7th through August 11th. We will be practicing: Yoga, Meditation, Self Awareness Discussions, getting to know ourselves better, Learning how to deal with difficult situations, […]

Conscious Parenting

Hi! Happy now. How are you? This Friday I’ll be speaking in Long Beach at 7pm. https://www.facebook.com/events/1604674073156813/ Heres the link to the event. This last weekend I went to go see Dr Shefali Tsabery a leader in the conscious parenting movement. It was so sweet connecting with her. Her message is the same. It’s fascinating to […]

Kids/ Teen Yoga classes start next week!

Hey parents! My new program begins next week for kids and Teens! This course will help your kids develop more happiness, self reliance, confidence, know how to center their energy, focus, direct their mind and emotions and develop a stronger connection with their inner light. The more connected they are to themselves the more able […]


Hey Mama! I gotta say, you have sacrificed so much for your children. Pretty much your entire self huh? So because of your outpouring of unconditional Love I want to send you ALL MY LOVE. We are making a difference the way we are raising our children. This new thinking about being a conscious parent […]

Bless You

See you tomorrow at 11am at Infinite You Meditation for a free conscious parenting class and introduction to The Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for Kids! Looking forward to seeing you! If You can’t make it tomorrow you can come May 14th at 11:30am at The Yoga Center in Costa Mesa for another chance to […]


Hey there! Hows it going? How are your kids doing? I hope super! I wanted to let you know I’ll be giving a parenting class this Sunday morning @11am at Infinite You Meditation in Costa Mesa and explain how we can work with your kids on growing their mindfulness. Would you like to come listen […]

Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for kids!

Hey Parents! I’ve developed a 3 month program for kids! It’s called The Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for kids! A group of about 6 kids will meet with me once per week during the 3 months.(or twice in an intensive format) Class will include life skills for: * Developing Confidence and self esteem * […]