Bless You

See you tomorrow at 11am at Infinite You Meditation for a free conscious parenting class and introduction to The Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for Kids! Looking forward to seeing you! If You can’t make it tomorrow you can come May 14th at 11:30am at The Yoga Center in Costa Mesa for another chance to […]


Hey there! Hows it going? How are your kids doing? I hope super! I wanted to let you know I’ll be giving a parenting class this Sunday morning @11am at Infinite You Meditation in Costa Mesa and explain how we can work with your kids on growing their mindfulness. Would you like to come listen […]

Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for kids!

Hey Parents! I’ve developed a 3 month program for kids! It’s called The Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for kids! A group of about 6 kids will meet with me once per week during the 3 months.(or twice in an intensive format) Class will include life skills for: * Developing Confidence and self esteem * […]

Bliss for Mommies!

Mommies. I want to give you Bliss. You have an innate capacity to tune into a current of energy. And Mommie? Wouldn’t that just be spectacular? To be able to tune into a current of energy that fills you up with so much Love in your head you just want to kiss and squeeze and […]

Enlightening your Consciousness Parents

Up’s and downs, everyone has up’s and downs. When you understand your mind and the tools for raising your consciousness those down’s don’t last as long, and eventually begin to be eliminated from your life. And if they come back your awareness and ability to use your tools, like meditation, or S.T.O.P. will guide you […]

Rainbow Gathering!

Hello!! Tomorrow Saturday January 16th we are gathering for a celebration of Enlightened families! All those intending to raise their children in a higher Love and Awareness please join us! Children wear rainbow colors and lets enjoy the beauty of the ocean share hugs and do a little yoga and meditating with Steven Sadlier my […]


Happy New Year! What is your new years resolution?! May I invite you to think about cultivating a meditation practice? do you want to be happier this year? Do you want to realize who you are? Live in the Bliss? I’ll share with you my story about how I came to be who I am […]

The Enlightened Children’s Rainbow Gathering

January 16th at 11am please bring me your children! I miss them so much, especially after The Center for Living peace has been closed. I’ve been going to some families homes for private counseling and meditations but I truly miss so many of your children and our group classes. My guru Steven Sadleir will be […]

Seminar on Conscious Parenting w/ Jessi TODAY!!

Hi! Come learn some tips today! I am holding a Seminar on Conscious Parenting! I’ll be giving you tools and tips for learning how to raise your level of consciousness and happiness and also how to deal with your children in a more conscious way, which will ultimately lead to happier, more loving successful children. […]