Hi! Two things I have to tell you….First I hope your doing well and I miss you guys a lot and your kids too. I Love connecting with you guys in person and I have an exciting announcement that can get us together! I have new Classes through the city of Newport Beach! They start […]

Peace this year

Hi! How are you? I hope you had a wonderful New Years and Holiday! I was so grateful to get out to Mammoth and jump in some hot springs and ride the snow with my family! Nature is incredible. If you didn’t get much nature this holiday break I encourage you to take a hike, […]

Kids Nervous System Energy and Emotions: Join us

Dear Parents, We all know we have energy in our bodies, that we are in fact made of energy, we are energy beings, but has anyone every taught you how to direct that energy? Did you know thoughts are also energy? The new science of our age is here. Most adults haven’t a clue how […]

The Movement is Now

Hey, I know it’s the Holiday and it’s crazy with thinking about the presents and work and the kids. Lets take a mindful moment together and check in. Where are you at? Are you rushing? What state are you in? This is the foundation of mindfulness, understanding what state your in and then consciously guiding […]

The Greatest Gift for your Kids this Season?

If you could give your kids tools to clear their head, to feel better, and improve their minds capacity to learn, grow and evolve would you? If you could give your kids a calmer more understanding stress free parent who has a tone that they want to listen to and be around you, would you? […]


Dear Parents, We are having a Mindfulness weekend teacher training specifically designed for parents, teachers and counselors. Your also welcome to bring your families and teens can learn directly too and get certified. We will also have day care for those that need for children age 8 and up. At the training you will learn […]

Easy Saturday Listening :)

Have you heard our podcast about our Mindfulness Teacher training yet? See if you feel inspired and want to help us bring about an enlightened youth. Some easy weekend enlightened listening?¬†ūüė䬆click here:¬†‚Ķ With love, Jessi We hope you can join us this Dec 9th and 10th for a transformational event! At The Atrium Hotel across […]

Free Global Guided Meditation 9am this morning

Free Global Guided Meditation Sat. Morn. 11/11 at 9am. This class is teleconferenced you simply dial (641)715-3660 pin 762617# Jump on the call and experience sublime states of bliss in your meditation by tuning into Master Sai Steven S. Sadleir’s energy. ¬†Steven can show you how to live in bliss¬†and manifest your dreams. Really! Come […]

Event this weekend & free tickets to training for principals

¬† Sunday 11-1pm at The Yoga Center 445 17th st. Costa Mesa. See many of you there and please forward to other parents, classrooms, teachers, counselors and anyone who works with kids. We are looking forward to helping everyone learn these tools and understand their power. We are also gifting two free tickets to principals […]