Going Live on FB tomorrow at 10am!

Hey you guys! I’m going to go Live tomorrow (Sunday) at 10am on Facebook to go over Conscious Parenting, How I work with kids, what you can do with your kids to connect better, and how to find Bliss within you everyday and share that Bliss with your family and eliminate your unconscious patterns for […]

Deeper inner peace for kids/teens! Fall Courses begin

Hello there Mom/ Dad. How are you?! Hows your kids? Entering into the fall is a perfect time to go within and develop a spiritual practice to warm the insides, nurture the soul and find greater peace. Like a warm cup of tea when it’s cold outside, I’m really getting excited to connect with your […]

15 yr old Alivia’s experience

Hey parents! We had our last class from my very first Spiritual and Life Coaching course over the summer and miss Alivia had so much to tell me about how grateful she was and what it has done for her so I asked to video her talking about it for a minute so I could […]

Parenting Challenges

Hi!! Parenting OC asked me what I thought was the biggest parenting challenge…I wanted to share with you my response. What do you think? “I think the biggest parenting problem is the ego and stress. Becoming self aware and having tools to enter into bliss will equip parents with everything their looking for in raising […]

Conscious Parenting class reminder and LOVE!

Tomorrow Sunday August 21st from 1-3pm! Hope to see you there! Location: The Yoga Center 445 17th st. Costa Mesa Ca. Bring your spouse and let me help lay some AMAZING foundations for your family. I swear these tools WILL change your families lives forever. I am jumping in my skin excited to share with […]

A happier Life

Hey! I have something I want to share with you. I created some really amazing tools for Conscious Parenting and helping you sustain a higher happiness and peace in your life. Sunday August 21st from 1-3pm I’ll be holding a Conscious Parenting class in Costa Mesa. I hope you can make it! Please let me know! […]

Summer Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for Kids!

Hey Parents! Next week we begin a new Spiritual and life Coaching Yoga course for Kids and parents! Each week we will meet on Thursday afternoons from 4:30-6pm starting July 7th through August 11th. We will be practicing: Yoga, Meditation, Self Awareness Discussions, getting to know ourselves better, Learning how to deal with difficult situations, […]

Conscious Parenting

Hi! Happy now. How are you? This Friday I’ll be speaking in Long Beach at 7pm. https://www.facebook.com/events/1604674073156813/ Heres the link to the event. This last weekend I went to go see Dr Shefali Tsabery a leader in the conscious parenting movement. It was so sweet connecting with her. Her message is the same. It’s fascinating to […]