Free Talk: Eliminate Anxiety and tools to Increase Learning!

Come hear how these tools can help your kids improve their grades, manage their stress and feel happier and more confident! This Monday night at 7pm Master Sai Steven S. Sadleir is giving a free talk on solutions to Anxiety in kids and ways to improve their learning using Mindfulness tools, Nlp and more. It’s teleconferenced! Just dial (641)715-3660 pin 762617# at 7pm this Monday. 🙏🏼🌹And Please forward/share with other parents and teachers who needs tools for themselves and their kids!! for more info on the upcoming in person Mindfulness training for Teens, Parents and Teachers. Dec 9th and 10th.  Please put a reminder in your calendar for this free talk Monday at 7pm and dial in (641)715-3660 pin 762617#

Master Sai StevenS. Sadleir was a rotary scholar and finished 2 years of graduate school in one using these techniques. He was top of his class, has worked in the highest levels of business, a best selling author and is now featured in 3 movies. Steven has students all over the world and has been training Buisness executives using these mind controlling tools, nlp and mindfulness for over 30 years. He is now helping our youth gain these tools for their success. Come learn! Monday 7pm (641)715-3660 pin 762617#


Abundant Love,



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