A poem I wrote for you mom.

You are the most beautiful of all

you give so selflessly

often gone unseen

your love grows like wildflowers in your childrens hearts!

your reward, their contentment, right??

Humble mom

I see you

I see all your efforts

to take care of yourself, even

so you can be present and available for your kids? right?

self care to be able to enjoy your kids…

Exaustion is a big part of mothering

but isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever done?

to be called Mom!?

if you did nothing more but birth and raise a child well

you’ve done a great service to humanity

Thank you Mom!

The World appreciates you!

Without you we wouldn’t exist!

and as we learn to grow and evolve

we will be the ones to make the shift in the consciousness of the planet

for it’s through mothers we learn how to live

be peaceful mom

and lets bring peace to the world through you.


I hope you have the most wonderful day! Happy Mothers Day!!

Sending Love,