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Hey Parents! I wanted to introduce you to my teacher Steven Sadleir and explain how his classes have shaped me into this conscious parenting expert. I’m not sure I can explain it very well but I want to try because If you are struggling even an ounce with your state of happiness or with your kids at all this awareness will really help change your frequency entirely. So I wanted to talk about the possibility of living more Blissfully for you and examine where your at right now. First lets look at what isn’t blissful and why we have so many problems? And even problems with our kids? Our kids are not suppose to be one of our problems, but somehow we make them a problem too. It’s important for us to realize our problems are our problems because WE MAKE them our problems. Steven taught me how to be conscious of how I go unconscious, take responsibility for my state of consciousness and live in a higher truth, love, awareness and purpose. I still get tripped up but his tools and his high energy vibration lifts me up to where I can see and feel more love. Unconscious beings are addicted to their emotions and their problems and put so much energy into them because its all they know in life. Problems feed our ego and insecure need of feeling busy and important. Having problems is a way we are asking for love from our friends, family and the ones we are having problems with. But instead of making everything a problem and whining about it, why not just be conscious and present to the love here right now available to us and decide to not feed the ego? What if we could Drop the vibration we’re carrying of dealing with one problem to the next and EXPAND our CONSCIOUSNESS BLISS instead? Start a new chapter of higher energy in our lives…

One great tool is to step back and look at our own heads like we’re looking at someones else’s head and check out whats going on. Called being the witness. So what’s going on? What’s going on in your head lately? Have you had the presence of mind to look? One of my favorite tools is Journaling. You just write out your emotion and why your feeling that way, then perhaps write out or ask what would be a better way of thinking. Then later like maybe a day later or two or a week later even read it again. When your totally out of that emotion and check it out. What was that all about? Identify how your brain went unconscious and created a problem. It’s so important we as parents, we as adults take responsibility for how we feel. How you feel is no one else’s responsibility but yours. No one is going to make you happy forever, even if you find a really great friend or lover, they are not always going to be there for you to make you happy. What we need to wake up to now as adults is our happiness is OUR responsibility. If your not happy, it’s no one else’s fault. You just need to wake up. And keep waking up. And your mind needs to realize this in order for it to allow itself to wake up and stop itself from creating more problems!

Shaktipat Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to connect you with your higher self and grow your consciousness. And Steven is the greatest teacher on the planet for this I think. 🙂 This meditation brings you Into a heightened sense of perception, where things are clear and problems naturally dissapate, you decide to fallow a higher energy in the air instead and let it lead you to your purpose, healing and more love sharing. You can hear it and feel it buzzing and humming in you the more connected you are with it. That lofty feeling is YOU, it’s your spirit. The more connected you are to your SELF the more LOVE you feel within you and the less problems we create. If the truth is your essence is LOVE and LIGHT, then where in your most pressing issue in your life right now is the truth?




Get out of your head and into the truth. LIVE HERE. Create from this place of consciousness now. 🙂


Steven is starting a 6 week teleconferenced course beginning this Saturday 1/21/17 at 9am. I highly recommend it and know if your ready for a shift this is it. But regardless if you join his class or not just remember to live in the Truth. If you need help raising into a higher vibration join his course, you’ll experience states you didn’t even know existed! It’s A EUPHORIC learning experience.

Link to sign up and more info at www.SelfAwareness.com . it’s only $200 too.


Much Love, Light and Blessings,

Jessi Moon

p.s. It starts this Saturday at 9am.   http://www.mcssl.com/SecureCart/ViewCart.aspx?mid=2C03C1B9-656F-46EF-B640-8562E869E215&sctoken=639b4601625146ba893b4deee6683e30&bhjs=1&bhqs=1



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