2017 Kids Spiritual program + Meditation class parents can attend teleconferenced!

My new programs for kids meditation, yoga and self awareness skills is beginning in January 2017. How are your children doing? How are you doing? The course for kids / teens is 12 weeks. We meet once per week and they learn yoga, meditation and life skills like journaling and learning how to communicate. It’s kind of like group therapy for kids. It’s so loving and happy, and the kids open up like flowers to the morning sun every class. I’m so grateful for having my own son in class creating these spiritual relationships and learning this wisdom of yoga. It really does bring him so much good energy and sense of connectedness not only to himself but to this little spiritual kids community. They are really special kids! And I love facilitating their connection with each other too, so they can support one another through life and make deeper friendships, especially with the opposite sex! Which can sometimes be scary for kids. I believe in true friendship no matter what gender and helping these kids to interact, have fun, learn yoga, think deep and meditate makes for the deepest love connection they will ever find. And not only the connection they find within but also the one they have with me and the other kids in the class! I’ll have classes at The Yoga Center again beginning Monday January 9th for Teens and younger kids and January 11th for kids age 8-13. I may be going to Chino Hills and Orange for Programs also, Let me know if you’d like me to come to you and we can make that happen! Yay for a great and happy bright 2017! I Look forward to connecting with you and your kids soon! Remember if your very far I’m happy to talk with you over the phone anytime for counseling! If your interested in signing your child up for the 2017 Spiritual and Life Coaching Course let me know, I have special discount codes for early sign ups and group rates too! Namaste see you soon! p.s. I’m conducting a new meditation course over the phone on Wednesday nights at 8-9pm upon request of some busy moms! Jump in on this teleconferenced meditation class with us in 2017 too parents! Go to Services on the website to check it all out! Blessings! JessiIMG_1647

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