The Conscious Parenting 30 Day Challenge

Begins Today! Would you like to learn the tools and tips for staying Conscious as a Parent? I’ve been thoroughly trained and have such incredible tips for you. This 30 Day Challenge is going to be conducted through a Facebook Group Called The Conscious Parenting 30 Day Challenge. So once you register here Go to Facebook and ask to join our group. We begin at 9am, and if you can’t make it the Live Video will be recorded so you can simply watch it later when you can. This is going to be an easy challenge to fallow, you will be able to absorb everything at your own pace but still have access to me personally from Facebook Live. Looking forward to supporting you on your journey to higher Consciousness and Enlightening our children for our bright new future on Earth! Blessings and Love, Jessi ¬†Register here¬†

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