Live at 10am on Facebook

Hey there! How are you? I’m going to be Live on my Facebook page Jessi Moon Conder at 10am this morning, Wednesday. Next week I’m beginning a Conscious Parenting 30 Day Challenge Group on Facebook and I’m going to explain what were going to be doing during the 30 day challenge on my Jessi Moon Conder page this morning. If you are looking for a little support this is a great opportunity to work with me in a private group on Facebook where we will have live interactions and community support, you can get your questions answered and let me help you develop yourself into a higher state of awareness and blissfulness. I want you to be a Blissful person and parent. Come join me at 10am this morning if you can to hear about it and I will post it after so you’ll be able to see it later if you can’t join us at 10am this morning. Here is the link to read about The Conscious Parenting 30 Day Challenge that starts next week! See you on Facebook!¬† Sending Lots of Love, Jessiphoto-on-9-15-16-at-9-47-am




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