Deeper inner peace for kids/teens! Fall Courses begin

Hello there Mom/ Dad. How are you?! Hows your kids? Entering into the fall is a perfect time to go within and develop a spiritual practice to warm the insides, nurture the soul and find greater peace. Like a warm cup of tea when it’s cold outside, I’m really getting excited to connect with your kids this Fall! Do they miss me? 🙂 I bet if you asked them they do. They know what’s good. Their spirit knows how to guide them. I Love your kids so much. I’m so grateful for those of you who stay with me. I’m excited to be offering a conscious parenting class and private session too with the course! Check out my Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for Kids/Teens beginning the week of Sept 26th…and Click Here to Register or just read more about it, I made a video too.

Hope to see you this Fall!

Blessings and to a lovely cozy Winter,


p.s.!! If you type in the word LOVE into the coupon code area of the checkout for the course you get a BIG discount for signing up early! Feel free to reply to this email with any questions too!

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